Let’s get to know each other. We’ll start with me.

I found this on the internet - you know, the place where everyone knows everything?  Anyways, I really need a good long break to compile my thoughts and figure out where I was going with this whole Jon thing (don't worry, I know we end up married...I have the marriage certificate and a handsome fella to prove it), so I decided that it's time we get to know each other better.  So here are 10 questions someone posted that I thought were pretty awesome. 1.) If you could give the world one piece of advice, what would it be? Eat cake! I'm just kidding...and stalling.  Seriously though. Take risks.  Without risks there are fewer rewards.  There are also fewer mistakes, but how else would you learn?  I'm not always good at actually following this advice myself, but I try my best. 2.) If you could have a room full of any one thing, what would it be? Cake?  Ah...that again.  I REALLY like food...and I'm a little hungry right now.  Which would explain the cake comments.  Stalling again...wow these are really hard.  Perhaps I will learn and actually read the questions before deciding to post them.  Puppies.  Yes.  I love puppies.  Of course, Jon would never let this happen because then we would end up keeping every last one of them, but these are hypothetical so I get to have my way.  (PS- I asked Jon this question and he said "you".  He's also been really attentive and caring today.  I'm starting to think he did something really wrong and I will find out what it is soon … [Read more...]

Meet the pups – Travis

Travis was our "first born". We bought him on a semi-whim one Sunday morning the first summer Jon and I lived together.  Travis is a full size Yorkshire Terrier that was supposed to gow to be about 8 pounds and ended up being 18 (he's not fat either!).  He was a ridiculously cute puppy and we couldn't get enough of him.But our little "teddy bear" was turning out to be a cute little nightmare. Sure he looked cuddly and cute and it's hard to see past that snuggle-bunny, but he was trouble.  At first, we didn't notice.  He would steal a sock here and there, but nothing bad had happened.  Jon and I puppy-proofed the apartment as if we brought home a crawling toddler, but he still managed to get into trouble.  Between his sensitive stomach, which meant cleaning up the kitchen floor/bedroom rugs/hallway rugs of poop (there was so much poop! how could such a little critter have so much poop!), and his need to constantly chew things, which meant Jon and I had to give up our deposit when we moved because he ate (chewed up and swallowed) 20% of our wall-to-wall carpet, he was a bundle of cute hell. On top of it all, Travis was smart.  One night I was trying to fall asleep when I heard something scratching on the floor where Travis was sleeping.  I looked over and saw that he was digging in the rug by the bed.  I very firmly (I watched and read a lot about dog training) told him "no" and laid back down.  A couple of minutes … [Read more...]

Part 9 – the promise ring

It happened at 3 months.  Yes, you read that correctly. 3 months.  What you are about to read is actually pretty indicative of our engagement, so store it away in your memory for a later time. Everything was going great.  Jon and I made a better couple than was imaginable.  We spent our days pretending that we were friends and roommates in the office and then we spent the evenings together, cuddled up on the couch with a good movie.  We loved nothing more than being with one another.  Between work, home, and going out, we were spending almost every minute of every day together.  You can see how this sped things up in our relationship a bit.  We said "I love you" almost a month into the relationship (if not sooner - it's hard to remember now, it all happened so fast). At this point of my career I was also traveling a lot.  The trips were usually a plane trip away, and I often returned home in the middle of the night. One of these trips was to Chicago on our 3 months anniversary.  I was due home around midnight and Jon promised to wait up for me.  When I got home, the lights were out and the candles lit.  I walked in excited and approached my bedroom.  He had laid out a gift for me on the bed and when I saw it, I almost bolted for the door.  It was a ring box. My heart sped up and my thoughts were all over the place.  I started counting the months we'd been together in case I was missing a good 10 of them or something.  I must have looked like I was having a panic … [Read more...]

Part 8 – keeping the secret

Ends up Jon and I made the perfect couple.  There was no need to "discover" what ticked us off, there was no weirdness that comes with a new relationship.  But there were still the butterflies of first kisses, the long good-nights in the hallway, the sleepless nights. For anyone that's thinking about dating your roommate - it's not for everyone.  Especially if you don't get along.  We were best friends, trying to get to know each other again in a completely different way. And then there was the thing with work.  We didn't want to tell anyone, but decided that we couldn't keep our closest friends out of the loop.  We spent so much time with them, there was no way that we could hide it.  So we told Nate and Laura.  Nate was spending just as much time at our apartment with us and we didn't want to pretend anymore.  Laura and I spent a lot of time together scrapbooking and there was no way I would uphold a fake conversation.  So they were the only ones that knew. We took a good amount of trouble from others at work.  They liked to tease us, but majority of them didn't honestly believe that anything was going on between us.  Some of the newer guys and gals that were hired would ask the others if we were dating and people joked, but no one could really say for sure. We didn't mind the teasing really - we were teased for it before we were dating, so it wasn't unusual.  And we didn't exactly make it easy when we went away on vacations together or spent weekends in our … [Read more...]

My treadmill is trying to kill me

I'm taking a quick break from "The King and me" posts to tell you about a very serious problem that is happening at my house. This is my treadmill: We met in 2008 and almost instantly fell in love. Jon bought it for me for my birthday the summer of 2008 and our love began to grow. (Yes, my dog is on the treadmill with me. and yes, I am wearing flip-flops. We just set it up and I was excited, don't judge me.) We were best friends that became long-term lovers. Isn't that the story of my life? Our relationship was blossoming in front of everyone's eyes. I spent time walking on it while Jon sat on the couch in front of me and cheered me on. It was there when I started running again. It was there when the dogs were restless and we were too lazy busy to walk them. And then a couple of months later, we hit a pretty big low. I stopped running (or even walking), the dogs were older and didn't have as much energy. So my dear treadmill became a very expensive clothes hanger. This, I believe was the turning point. I could see that my treadmill was NOT happy with me. I could see the resentment growing. I tried to talk to it, but it would have nothing to do with me. The honeymoon was over and we both knew it. Almost a year went by and we barely noticed each other. I would walk by and glance in her direction once in a while, but got nothing in return. Then, just like that, we were back on track. I decided to start running again and she would be my companion. I … [Read more...]