Bath time

I gave up on trying to choose a room to feature and instead am going to show you bath time.  It's way more fun anyways.Jon mowed the lawn while Cailey was playing outside.This is what happens when you let a dog outside in freshly mowed grass.I'm really not into having green paw prints all over my floors so I thought it was a good time to give the dogs a bath.  I should mention that Cailey doesn't really like baths.I mean she really doesn't like baths.She'll pretty much stand herself up against the back of the tub to shy away from the water.Poor Cailey.  I try to explain that bath time really isn't so bad, but she won't listen.I tell her that she gets to have her ears scratched and tummy rubbed.But there is nothing to console her.  I guess the best that I can do is just go as fast as I can and get her out of the evil tub.And into a warm and fluffy towel.There, that's a little better.Towels beat tubs pretty much 99.99% of the time for Cailey.As much as she hates bath time, Cailey sure does love towel time.And she is always happy to be clean.Well kids - next time we see each other, it will be time for a give away! … [Read more...]

A special look inside our Kingdom – the Master Bedroom

When Jon and I first bought our house and moved in, we spent the first month living in the guest room.  We only had one set of bedroom furniture and it's about as old as I am (well, maybe not THAT old, but definitely at least 13 years).  We decided that we would start our new marital life (we were married a month after we bought the house) with a new bedroom set.  We waited patiently to save up the money and pick out the perfect set.Our new bedroom was small, so we could only fit a queen set.  But the odd part was the tiny space available for a dresser.  We measured it precisely and brought a measuring tape with us to every store we went to.  I think we measured about 50 different dressers before we found the perfect one.Here is the bedroom from the doorway.  It's simple and small, but it has everything we need.There is a bed, two night stands, a dresser, a couple of mirrors, and some dog beds.  What else could we want?The painting on the wall is from the Starving Artist sale.  If you find one nearby, I recommend you go.  The paintings are amazing and increadibly cheap. Across from the bed is the perfect dresser.I'm not sure if you can tell, but it fits perfectly into the space between the doorway and the closet.  Of course, it has a mirrow, some decorations, and a small light.  One of the things that Jon and I were definitive about when we first moved in was the TV in the bedroom.  We refused to put one … [Read more...]

Next stop on the tour – the Purple room

Only 3 more posts until the big surprise.  I mean, giveaway.  Are you excited?On to the purple room.What were you expecting?  A baby room?  Noooo, sillies.  We don't have a baby for a baby room!  At least not yet (I think my husband is in hiding).  It's the master bath.  It's our newest addition to the household.About 6 months ago we decided to finally dive in and update it.  I have no "before" pictures because it was just so horrible that I tried to hide it as much as I could.  The tiny itty bitty sink, the nasty linoleum floors that never look clean, the weird corner toilet.  Ugh.  I hated it.  As is our nature, we decided to do this on our own (and by "our own" I mean with my dad).These are the beautiful floor tile that I picked our at Home Depot.  We spent hours in the store walking back and forth, comparing tile, paint colors, and furniture.  I thought my parents and husband were going to kill me and bury me among the tile.We laid it down all by our selves after spending another few never ending days and evenings scrubbing the darned linoleum off the floor.  Ugh I hate linoleum.  Anyways, we settled on this here tile and spent a couple hours putting it down.  My dad measured, Jon cut and I carried them up and down between the two of them. I also picked out this tile.I'm very proud of it.  I'm also very proud of my two favorite men who cut all these to fit so … [Read more...]

Kingdom tour continues – the Magic Room

No, not that kind of magic.  I am referring to the room where beautiful and delicious meals are prepared.  The room where all the guests will gather no matter how much more specious another room might be.  It's the place for socialization, laughter, and where secrets passed on from generation to generation are told.  It's the Kitchen.I wish I had some pictures of the kitchen before we renovated handy.  Instead, you'll just have to do with my description.  It had a rotten linoleum floor, white painted ugly rotting cabinets, nasty counters.  And the fridge, for some reason, was blocking the door in the back.   I have no idea who came up with that.When we moved in, we knew that the kitchen would have to be fully gutted due to the rotting floor, but we didn't really know what it would take.  Especially since we decided to do it on our own.  Honestly, if you want to save some money, it's generally a good idea, but be prepared for a lot of hard work.  I think the worst part was scrubbing the linoleum off the floor.  It took over a week.  I think we may have cried.  And cursed a lot.  But we got it done and ta-da!  There it is.  Complete with new appliances, an addition of a dishwasher, and a new tile floor.When we finally finished the kitchen, there was a spot along the wall that needed a piece of furniture.  Some extra counter space.  It took us almost a year, but we found the perfect … [Read more...]

Living like the Kings

Today I am starting a new series of 5 posts that will lead up to the big finale - post #100.  That's right. 100.  This is a big deal, people.  And to celebrate, there will be surprise.  A big surprise.  An awesome surprise.  It's a giveaway, ok?  Sheesh, there's no need to be so pushy, I would have told you eventually anyways.In the meantime, since this is Living like the Kings, I'll show you our kingdom.  Today we will start with the room that we spend the most amount of time in.  It's where we relax, unwind after a day of hard work, chat about our days, and veg out.If you guessed the living room - you guessed right!Our living room is the main room of our kingdom.  It's our pride and joy.  When we first moved in to our house, it looked like this:Sorry for the fuzzy picture.  But you get what a mess this is.  We were young and poor when we bought the house.  But we waited patiently and saved our dollars and bought the couch as a Christmas gift to one another.  The rest came together from finds and gifts from family.Here is the entrance.  When we moved in we painted everything in the house, including the door.  The new couch allowed us to set up an entrance - although I still dream of a mud room.On one side we put up an old shelf that we spray painted.  It now acts as a shoe shelf and a stand.I think it's one of my favorite little fixes.It also holds one of my many baskets which holds our … [Read more...]