Technically is hiking really just walking through the woods?

I guess it just doesn’t sound as good if you say, “Hey, want to go for a walk through the woods?”  Somehow, going for a hike sounds a bit better. 

Anyways, Jon and I took the dogs for a hike this afternoon after work.  Usually, by this time we would have gone on dozens of them, but somehow this year has been a very busy one, leaving no time for a decent hike.

This time we went to Bittner Park located in Guilford, CT.

I think this might be one of my favorite parks in the area because there is this gorgeous trail that goes along the water.

The dogs are big fans too.

They love galloping along the trails and then taking a quick turn for a dip in the water.

They just can’t get enough of the cool fresh water.

Drinking it, laying in it.

A different story than when you try to get them in the bathtub.  But that’s neither here nor there.

Cailey is a little less enthusiastic about water than Travis, but she tries her best not to chicken out.

Especially when we throw some sticks in the deep end.

I swear there is some rule about not getting gremlins wet.  I wonder why that is.

Now unfortunately, I ran out of battery right when we got there.

Too bad because we also encountered awesomely cute tree frogs, a deer, and some cows.  I guess that will teach me a lesson or two about charging up the camera before we go for our long walks in the woods.

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