Getting my life back on track

I wrote down a To-Do list last week (catch up here).

I wanted to catch you up on how it’s been going and I’m glad to report that it’s not going so bad!

1. Start cooking:

(This one is a slightly altered Pioneer Woman recipe you can grab here.)

I also made some berry muffins for breakfast, but I didn’t get a pic while they were fresh and they don’t look as good a couple of days after.  Both were delicious and got me excited to get cooking again.  So that’s a big CHECK there!

2. Get back to running 3-4 times a week.

Yeah.  I decided to alter this goal because the heat is just not cooperating and I’m too chicken to overheat or get my heartbeat too high.  But I am making up for it!  I’ve been up every morning an extra 30-40 minutes early and taking a 2 mile walk with the pups.  We’re loving life!  Well, once we readjusted a bit to the early mornings.  The dogs are enjoying it especially since I’ve been neglecting them a bit too lately.  And that early in the morning it’s usually just chilly enough that we can book it with only sweating a little bit.

This also raised the number of steps I’ve been taking each day which is now 10K+!  I’m pretty happy.

On top of it, I’m going to start some pre-natal yoga on Wednesday nights.

3. Eat more healthy

Oh – check and check!  My fridge, pantry and fruit basket are filled with yogurt, fruit, cheese, milk, cereal, and lots of veggies.