Happy Anniversary baby!

3 years ago today I woke up around 5am, calm and ready to take on the day. (ps- I am never really calm).

By the mid-morning, we had eaten breakfast and were on our way to get our hair did. 

Followed by make up.

Then the girls returned to the hotel to get their gowns on.

How many Bridesmaids does it take to dress a Bride?

And toast with some champagne.

Side note: Oh how I miss Champagne.

And then, just a few minutes later we were here.

Which led us here.

Where, funny story, Jon said “I do” about 5 minutes too early. 

And then, well, you know, we were married

and ready to celebrate.

And drink some more champagne!

Which can lead to moments like this

Or this

And if you mix in some more drinks

You could get this

So the moral of the story, kids, is to drink responsibly and avoid drinking & dancing at all costs.

Unless you’re doing the chicken dance – in which case, it is totally acceptable.

Happy anniversary, baby boy.  I can’t wait to do the chicken dance with you when we’re old, gray, and still madly in love.


  1. [...] Tomorrow is Jon and my 5 year anniversary.  Tonight we’re packing up the kid, a few essentials and heading off to New Hampshire for a couple of days.  There is no agenda except dilly dallying through the cute little towns, popping into stores, and enjoying afternoons by the pool.  We haven’t gone on a little weekend getaway in a little while and are really excited to share this one with our little Peanut.  If you’re interested in checking out previous anniversary posts, here are a couple:  How I became the Queen, Anniversary post.  [...]