Peanut – how we found out there even was a Peanut to speak of

Last weekend marked the end of my first Trimester and I figured that I’d fill you peeps in a bit on life so far.

As is my fashion, I was ridiculously impatient when it came to “making a baby”.  I took a pregnancy test almost every day and way too early, which, obviously, led to a negative result.  I, the logical human being that I am, decided that it didn’t work and was ready to move past it and start afresh the following month.  Then one morning I felt the need to take yet another test which turned up with a TINY almost entirely faded pink line.  I beamed at Jon, waving the stick in front of his face, trying to get a reaction.  He said he couldn’t see it.  I took another test almost immediately, resulting in another practically invisible pink line.  Jon agreed that he saw a slightly pink line, but asked me to calm myself and just wait a couple more days to find out for sure and not to get too excited. HA! Have we met?  But I nodded, the smile on my face gone.

That day I had to drive to MA to meet up with a very dear friend to pick out a Bridesmaid dress for her wedding.  Let me tell you, 2 hours in the car all by yourself when you MAY or MAY NOT be pregnant is about as torturous as it gets.  By the end of my drive I was fully convinced that I would die if I didn’t know that instant.   I found myself taking the next exit, just minutes away from our meet up place, and pulled into the nearest CVS.  I rushed around, finding a digital pregnancy test that had no faded pink lines and promised to tell me the news I wanted to hear in mere minutes and then headed across the street to a Dunkin Donuts. 

Yes, whomever is still reading this instead of closing their browser while shaking their head in disbelief.  I took a pregnancy test in the Dunkin Donuts bathroom, walking its short length anxiously.  Within a minute or two, the pregnancy test did not disappoint.

I bolted out of the bathroom, holding my pee stick in one hand and diving through my purse with the other to locate my phone.  I didn’t notice the strangers eying me suspiciously, probably wondering why the heck a girl just spent 3 minutes in the bathroom and then ran out of it smiling from ear to ear.  Within seconds I had dialed my husband’s number and he picked up just as I climbed into the car.  “Guess what?!” I exclaimed. “We”re pregnant!” I didn’t actually give him a chance to guess.  I took a picture with my phone and texted it to him as soon as I could.

And then I had to spend the rest of the day hanging out with close friends without divulging a single detail about the huge changes that were happening in our lives.  It was torture.


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