Top 5 Things I love about pregnancy…so far

1. The Belly

I know this is weird, but I am totally LOVING having a belly!  Sure, it’s annoying that most of my clothes don’t really fit, but it just looks so cute when it rounds out and I know that our little Peanut is hiding out in there somewhere.

2. Registry

Aren’t registries just the funnest?  It’s so much fun picking out all the stuff that you would never have the nerve to buy yourself.  I’m not finished setting all of mine up yet, but I think that’s the fun part anyways.

3. New level of bonding with my husband

I didn’t really see this one coming – but this might be one of my favorite pregnancy “side effects”.  It’s amazing how much closer I feel to the guy that’s been by my side for the past 3 years.  We’ve always been really close, but the idea that we created something together makes us both pretty excited and allows us to share a new bond.

4. Feeling her move, kick

Okay so it’s questionable at this point since I’m not sure what’s what but I think that maybe, just maybe, I’ve felt her!  I’m dying for more to come!
Um, yeah, since I don’t have pictures of Peanut moving, I figure this one’s as close as it gets.

5. Hearing her heartbeat

Once every 3 weeks I get to go to the doctor’s office and get through the boring weigh in’s until we get to my favorite part – the heartbeat!  Once the midwife pulls out the Doppler, I can barely contain myself as I hold my breath and wait for the little thumps to come.  When they finally do, and so far they’ve always come through, I burst out laughing with excitement.  Then I end up feeling bad for the burst of energy since I always end up messing up the heartbeat.

What were your favorite things?

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