Belly pic update – 20 weeks

It's that time again folks - time for some new belly pics. We took these while we were in Maine this weekend for our friends' wedding and a little get away.Peanut at 20 weeksOn another note - it's time to paint the room pink!  Well, honestly, we already painted it green and we're not going to paint it pink, but you get the drift.We're having a baby girl!Our technician at the 12 week ultrasound already told us that Peanut will be a perfect little baby girl, but we didn't want to get too excited or too set on the gender until the 20 week confirmation.  We got just that today!Peanut at 20 weeksWe're thrilled! We'd be thrilled if it was a boy too, so I guess it doesn't matter too much.  But we're really excited to know what gender the baby will be.  Especially since now there is nothing Jon can do to stop me from buying up pretty much the entire Babies R Us and Carter's Outlet stores.Peanut at 20 weeksAnd on another note - I double checked with my mom and genetically speaking, it looks like I might slide through this pregnancy stretch-mark-free!  Woo! Thanks mom for awesome genetics. … [Read more...]

Friday Five: things you probably don’t know about Jon

"Jon..." - whiny, needy voice (me)."Yeah?" - calm, probably not actually paying any attention to me (Jon)."What should I blog about?" - still whiny (me)."Me" - I am positive that he is not actually paying any attention (Jon).So, Mister, here it is.Five things you probably don't know about Jon (he's the guy I'm married to).1. He has impeccable hygiene. It actually amazed me when we first moved in together.  I don't think that he has ever missed a day of his life when he didn't brush his teeth twice, for the full two minutes.  Or skipped a shower.  Or had dirt under his fingernails (after he's had a chance to wash his hands from all the manly work he does.  That's only partially sarcastic). 2. He talks to his mom every single day.It's sweet.  Kind of amazing actually.  You know how they say that you can tell what kind of a husband a man will make by looking at his relationship with his mother?  Yeah, I think I won the jackpot on this one.3. The man hates tomatoes, but loves every single thing made from them.I don't get this one and it intrigues me.  I quiz him on things he likes that are made from tomatoes all the time.  Like ketchup and tomato sauce.  He loves salsa and any red sauce.  How does this make sense?  On a side note, the first year we decided to plant a garden, Jon and I spent hours picking out things to plant in our small plot.  When we came home we ended up with approximately 32 tomato … [Read more...]

Whole wheat pizza

I love pizza.  I also love anything whole wheat.  So when a friend told me she just bought some whole wheat pizza dough at Stop & Shop, I was all over it like white on rice.I've seen these at Big Y too in case that's a better location for you.  And my guess is that they also sell it at the other grocery stores that I do not visit because I'm too lazy to drive far away.In any case - this is the whole wheat pizza dough.  It's pre-made for you, which is nice.  All you have to do is spread a whole bunch of flour, roll out the dough and stick it in the oven at 450 degrees for about 5 minutes before putting toppings on it.  I usually put a little bit of olive oil in the middle too.Then, the fun part - what to put on your pizza.That is exactly what you think it is - don't judge me.  You gotta try it.  Hot dogs and broccoli on pizza are delicious.I usually put sauce, followed by cheese, salt and pepper, some garlic and toppings.  Hot dogs and broccoli on halfAnd artichokes on the other.It is delicious.Trust me on this one.Especially the hot dogs.What are some of your favorite toppings? … [Read more...]

Monkeys on the brain

I can't help it - I can't stop!This weekend Jon and I painted a couple of rooms in our house and now I can't stop planning the things that will go in the baby room.Like this here adorable monkey wall decal:I'm obsessed. Coupled with this here growth chart:I dare you to ask what our baby room theme is going to be (that's not really a challenge). Got any awesome nursery ideas to share or brag about? I'd love to see them (and possibly steal them). … [Read more...]

Busy weekend

We've had a busy weekend!  The baby room is now a nice shade of green, the bedroom is a fresh taupe-ish color, while the living room just has a nice fresh coat of same-green - minus the marks and scratches from the past couple of years. But those pictures would be approximately 0% fun, so instead here's new pictures of Bungee, my friend Kari's dog.Hello, Bunge-stickles.  Would you like to play?Now, this isn't my kinda game, but apparently Kari and Bungee enjoy it.In this game the human gets down on all fours, while the dog runs in between the human's legs and arms.Followed by pets and a collapse.Now who said that wasn't a blast?And now I'm ready to do it all over again.Who's in? … [Read more...]