Busy weekend

We’ve had a busy weekend!  The baby room is now a nice shade of green, the bedroom is a fresh taupe-ish color, while the living room just has a nice fresh coat of same-green – minus the marks and scratches from the past couple of years. 

But those pictures would be approximately 0% fun, so instead here’s new pictures of Bungee, my friend Kari‘s dog.

Hello, Bunge-stickles.  Would you like to play?

Now, this isn’t my kinda game, but apparently Kari and Bungee enjoy it.

In this game the human gets down on all fours, while the dog runs in between the human’s legs and arms.

Followed by pets and a collapse.

Now who said that wasn’t a blast?

And now I’m ready to do it all over again.

Who’s in?