Monkeys on the brain

I can’t help it – I can’t stop!

This weekend Jon and I painted a couple of rooms in our house and now I can’t stop planning the things that will go in the baby room.

Like this here adorable monkey wall decal:

I’m obsessed. 

Coupled with this here growth chart:

I dare you to ask what our baby room theme is going to be (that’s not really a challenge).

Got any awesome nursery ideas to share or brag about? I’d love to see them (and possibly steal them).


  1. Monkeys rock. I call my boy Monkey Man and that was the theme of his first birthday party. :)

  2. LittlePeopleWealth says:

    Our nursury is a jungle theme and there is a monkey swinging on a tree above the crib :)

  3. Got pics?! Or links? I'd love to see them!

  4. southerngraduate says:

    I love the wall decal! How cute is that??

  5. Got pics?! Or links? I'd love to see them!

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