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I think my dogs are looking for new owners

I really don't undestand why.We feed them.We take them for walks.We take them to the dog park.Oh sure, we occasionally put them in strollers,and give them mohawks in the bath,but honestly, I don't see the big deal.I generally think that they enjoy a little abuse. … [Read more...]

I love NYC

Jon and I took this week off to hang out and get some stuff done.  One of our "to-do's" for the week was to take a trip to NYC, climb (well, not really) the Empire State Building, then meet up with our friends Laura and Alex and eat some crazy good steak. Empire State Building Going to the 86th Floor of the Empire State Building is wicked touristy, but we figured, what the heck. Sunset - 4:23pm We happen to get to the top right at Sunset which was rather beautiful.  Unfortunately, someone talked me out of bringing my DSLR and said we'd be fine with our little digital camera.  That little someone needs to get his butt kicked. Us at the top Ah, and there he is right now.  Are you listening, my little someone? View from the Empire State Building My lack of DSLR didn't stop me from taking way too many pictures. Chopper While we were at the top, the NYPD chopper decided to show off a bit. NYPD Chopper Needless to say, we all loved it. Peanut and I This was Peanut's first touristy trip to NYC.  Say "hello", Peanut.  Don't be so rude. Pop Tart World From there, we decided to walk slowly to the restaurant.  And stop at every single tourist trap.  Apparently there is a Pop Tart World.  Who knew. Posing at Times Square M&M Store And finally made our way over to Rockefeller … [Read more...]

Peanut’s first outfit

Jon and I are currently taking birth prep classes.Although this is entirely off topic, I'd like to tell you that there is no way that we are mature enough for these classes.  During our first class we were supposed to be practicing "relaxation" where couples lay on the mats on the floor and practice breathing while the instructor turns off the lights and helps with some meditation imaging.  So here we are, laying on our mat, in silence while the instructor talks about imagining our perfect birth experience - what we see, what we hear, who is there, what we smell...that's when Jon leans in and whispers, "Woops, sorry that was me."  In case you don't get that joke, it means he farted (he didn't actually fart but it was really funny nevertheless).  That's when I start giggling.  In the dark.  While everyone else is silent and supposed to be practicing relaxation.  Then Jon starts cracking up.  I try to stop but he's still laughing so I start laughing again.  He tries to stop but there is just no stopping anymore.  The rest of the 15 minutes of "silence" Jon and I lay on the floor, laughing like we're 5 years old at a fart joke.In any case.  Back on topic.  One of the classes includes a hospital tour where you get to learn all the stuff that will happen there as well as ask any questions.  This is where we learned that Yale will provide us with all the stuff we need for baby except for an outfit that they'll go home … [Read more...]

Your holiday gift guide – a Barnes & Nobles Nook

This week's awesome holiday gift is the Barnes & Nobles Nook.I got mine for my birthday this year.  I'm sure this is going to come as a shocker to everyone, but I did spend quiet a bit of time doing my research and looking up reviews.  So here is why I chose the Nook.First off, it's a Digital Reader which means that it's a small computer-looking thingy where you can download books, magazines, etc and read them.  The best part is that it's wicked light and small - letting you take it anywhere.  I'm the kind of gal that packs about 3-4 books with me when we go on vacations on top of about 10 magazines for the flight.  A digital reader can hold all that in a tiny lightweight little screen.  If you like to read, you should definitely invest in one.Now here is the reason that I chose the Nook over any other digital reader:Barnes & Nobles digital books are super cheap.  I've yet to pay more than $10 for any one of them.  Obviously, the books that are in higher demand are probably more expensive, but you can definitely find some amazing deals.  B&N also has free books every week that you can download.My local library supports the B&N Nook.  This means that I can go online any time and download free books from my library to my Nook.  If you take advantage of your local library (and you should!) check to see which e-readers it will support.  Most of them will support the Sony e-reader as well as the … [Read more...]