I love NYC

Jon and I took this week off to hang out and get some stuff done.  One of our “to-do’s” for the week was to take a trip to NYC, climb (well, not really) the Empire State Building, then meet up with our friends Laura and Alex and eat some crazy good steak.

Empire State Building

Going to the 86th Floor of the Empire State Building is wicked touristy, but we figured, what the heck.

Sunset – 4:23pm

We happen to get to the top right at Sunset which was rather beautiful.  Unfortunately, someone talked me out of bringing my DSLR and said we’d be fine with our little digital camera.  That little someone needs to get his butt kicked.

Us at the top

Ah, and there he is right now.  Are you listening, my little someone?

View from the Empire State Building

My lack of DSLR didn’t stop me from taking way too many pictures.


While we were at the top, the NYPD chopper decided to show off a bit.

NYPD Chopper

Needless to say, we all loved it.

Peanut and I

This was Peanut’s first touristy trip to NYC.  Say “hello”, Peanut.  Don’t be so rude.

Pop Tart World

From there, we decided to walk slowly to the restaurant.  And stop at every single tourist trap.  Apparently there is a Pop Tart World.  Who knew.

Posing at Times Square
M&M Store

And finally made our way over to Rockefeller Center.

Here’s a useless piece of information for you – pregnant women aren’t allowed to get a nice massage in the massage chairs at Brookstone.  Who knew?  We stopped by one across the street from the restaurant and after spending hours on my feet, I couldn’t be more excited to see a super duper crazy massage chair that not only massaged your back, but reclined, massaged your hands and feet and pretty much did everything minus cook you a steak.  Right as I settled my tired little butt in the chair, a nice store employee walked over and stuttered something about me being “uhh…..pregnant?”  So I had to get out.  I honestly thought I was going to cry in the store.  For the record, I didn’t.  I just walked away.

Laura & Alex

Finally, we got to our destination – Del Frisco.  This is where we had the most amazing steaks (some of us also had the most amazingly delicious wine, sigh).  Jon is still talking about his steak.

The End.

Well, of this trip.  But not to worry, we did lots more this week that I’ll have to fill you in about.

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