The love of my life

Did I mention that I am absolutely in love with this here boy?

Thanks to my best friend being super nice to us and taking pity after I whined for days about not having seen him in a while, we got to meet up on Christmas Eve for a little bit.

We got to watch this little goober open his presents and let us spoil him just a tiny itty bitty bit.

It was amazing to see our friends too! It’s super hard to be over 2 hours apart from your best buds, especially when they have this little treasure.

I guess that things are just going to get harder with babies in the picture since visiting isn’t as easy as it once used to be.

There’s no way I could throw an extra pair of underwear, a tooth brush, and a sweatshirt and head over to the Boston area to hang out anymore.  Now it’s more like packing a suitcase full of bottles, onesies, and whatever else the cute little monsters require.

But that’s alright because if you’re super stubborn like me and my besties, we’ll make it work.

That’s what we bought an SUV for anyways, right?

I mean, who can resist these scrumptious little fingers and toes?

And once Addi is born, we’ll have to make the trips even more frequent.

Cuz, you know, she has to get to know her future hubs real well.

Four things

Do you ever read someone’s blog and think that you’re friends?  Especially if they reply to your comments?  It must be a true friendship.  Anyways, Jessica over at How Sweet It Is posted this.  Challenge accepted! (Yes, I know it wasn’t a challenge.  Can’t you just play along this once?)

1. Four TV shows that I watch:

  • 16 and Pregnant
  • Teen Mom/Teen Mom 2
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • 30 Rock

2. Four things that I’m passionate about:

  • Cleaning
  • Food 
  • Family
  • Friends

3. Four words/phrases I use a lot:

  • “Man it out” (There’s a story behind this. It’s not long nor funny)
  • “Nobooooooody loooooves me” (you have to sing it and pout at the same time…it’s not easy but I’m really good at it)
  • “Wicked”
  • “Thingy” (this could be a remote, a spatula, some sort of a tool, a computer part…the list goes on; however, you are expected to know exactly what I am referring to)

4. Four things I’ve learned from the past:

  • Travis farts.  A lot.  I didn’t know dogs could be that gross.
  • Dirty dishes don’t clean themselves.  But husbands do.  (An important note here is that you first have to cook an intricate meal first).
  • Marriage isn’t easy.  It’s not hard either.  But it’s not easy.  I’m just sayin’.
  • I get really really irritated when I’m hungry.  If I’m snappy, I’d suggest feeding me.

5. Four places I would like to go:

  • Paris
  • Venice
  • Moscow (again and again)
  • California

6. Four things I did yesterday:

  • Went to BJ’s, Home Depot, TJ Maxxx
  • Went to my dr’s appointment and heard Peanut’s heartbeat
  • Had a prenatal massage (thanks to my thoughtful husband)
  • Walked on the treadmill

7. Four things I am looking forward to:

  • Becoming a mommy
  • Meeting Peanut
  • Having my body back
  • Drinking champagne

8. Four things I love about winter:

  • The holidays
  • Snow
  • Cozy nights by the fire
  • Being cold

Your turn!  
PS- If you accept this challenge, post a link in the comments so I could check it out!