Finally – Christmas Tree time!

As promised, the Grinch and I went to get our Christmas Tree this weekend!

For the past few years Jon and I started a sort of tradition at the Winterberry Farm.  We put the dogs in their sweatshirts (we only do this for super cold days or special occasions), load everyone in the car, and head over to the Christmas Tree farm as a family.

Cai and Trav ready for a fun day

Of course, there’s really only one way to make sure that the Grinch gets his butt out into the cold day.

Dunkin Donuts

It’s his little thing.  Mine is a Starbucks.  What different lives we lead.

A few minutes later, we arrived at our favorite Christmas Tree Farm.

Christmas Tree Farm

Then we spend an hour walking around, looking for that perfect Tree.

The Grinch with his Dunkin crave
Looking for the perfect tree
The perfect tree

Settling on the perfect tree, the Grinch starts cutting it down while I walk around and take pictures.  Hey – we each have our jobs.

Cutting down The Tree

The pups have their jobs too.

Checking out the scenery
Helping daddy

And the Tree is down.

Loading the tree in the slay


Dragging the tree

and ready to go!

Loading the tree in the car

And off to our house to decorate we go!

Not much room in the back now


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