Cline Zinfandel

Jon and I went out to a local Wine Exchange store and picked up a few bottles of wine to enjoy after Peanut was born.  This was one of the selections recommended to us.

This is Cline Zinfandel – 2008.

First off, we all know that we love a deep red Zin, so this was already right up our valley.

This wine is full of flavor!  You can smell the dark fruit and spices before you even take your first sip.  After opening the bottle, we each poured a glass and let it sit for a couple of minutes.  I love taking the time to just smell the delicious flavor before I take a taste.

The wine tastes as good as it smells.  It’s rich in flavor so beware if you’re not into that kinda thing.  I love the complexity of the wine, allowing you to almost taste two different flavors – the fruit when you first take a sip, and the oak when the flavor stays with you after you finish. This is definitely a great choice to have with dinner or all on its own.