My new workout

We were so excited to celebrate Peanut’s 1st month of life yesterday – we celebrated her accomplishments and her growth.  And to top it off, yesterday Peanut woke up a new baby – a 1 month old baby.  She was suddenly smiling more, gurgling with me all morning, and listening attentively to anything I was saying.  She also learned another new trick- a brand new cry.  Actually, I think it is better classified as a “wail” than a “cry.”  She will look right at you and wail at the top of her lungs until her face and eyes get so red that you don’t know what to do.  And the best part?  Once she started wailing, she didn’t stop (she comes from a family of very stubborn women so I can’t blame her).

I tried everything – feeding her, holding her, putting her down, playing with toys, giving her a pacifier, swaddling her, turning on the sleep sheep, adding an extra layer of clothes, changing her.  The list goes on.  After about 3 hours of wailing, she finally tired herself out so much that she passed out for the night. I chalked it up to a day of fussiness and let it go.

Then I woke up this morning to the wailing.  I changed her, fed her, dressed her, played with her, but she kept being fussy.  So I tried another trick I heard of.

I decided to try “wearing” Peanut.  I pulled out the Baby Bjorn carrier that our neighbors generally gave to us and I stuck Peanut in.  (Actually I spent about 20 minutes trying to figure out how to put her in it while she wailed in my ear.)  And she stopped crying.  She just sat in her carrier and stared at me.  Then, within 5 minutes, she fell asleep.

I thought this was awesome and once she was in her deep sleep, I tried to put her down.  The wailing commenced all over again.  So, this is how I’ve been spending my day.

I’ve learned that I can do the following while carrying Peanut:

  • Laundry
  • Change my pants
  • Brush my teeth and wash my face
  • Clean the house
  • Play with the dogs
  • Take pictures and use the computer

I’ve also learned that I cannot do any of this:

  • Change my shirt
  • Take a shower (yup, I’m implying exactly what you think I am implying)
  • Lean back on the couch (her head is kind of like a bobble toy)
  • Drink a coffee or eat anything that might leave crumbs on my infant
  • Actually, eat anything because I don’t want to end up licking mayo or something off the top of her head

But I can get an awesome work out carrying an 8+ pound baby around all day.