Spaghetti with cream sauce and artichokes

Alternative title: Pasta-with-whatever-you-located-in-your-pantry-and-fridge.

Pioneer Woman has this amazing recipe for Spaghetti with artichoke hearts and tomatoes that you can find here.  I’ve made it a whole bunch of times and it’s been a huge hit with the hubs and my friends. 

Then I started getting lazy.  And I didn’t want to go shopping for all the perfect ingredients.  Instead, I just throw most of the stuff together into an absolutely delicious pasta dish.  I’d totally follow her recipe to start, but something about making it your own that makes it extra yummy.

Here’s what I found yesterday.

Good enough, right?

Start by dicing up the onion and cooking it for a minute or two.

Then throw in some garlic, tomatoes, and drained artichokes.

Swoosh it all around for a couple of minutes, then add half-and-half (or cream or whatever).

Add salt, pepper, and, if you’re like me and love all things delicious, red pepper flakes.

Cover and turn the heat down to simmer the whole thing.

Now put a pot with some water to boil.  Then, once it’s boiling, add a little olive oil and salt, then throw in the pasta.

I love pasta.  I prefer whole wheat pasta, but there’s no convincing Jon to eat anything that’s even remotely healthy.

Check on Peanut.

Peanut is still sleeping soundly in her swing.  If you don’t have a Peanut to check on, you can come check on mine.

Now pull out this stuff.

It’s for the finishing touches.

After the pasta cooks, drain and throw it in with the other goodness.

Mix the whole thing together real well, then throw some cheese and scallions on top.

Grab a couple of bowls and spoon the goodies into them.

Grab a fork and dig in!