One lucky guy

I honestly don't think that my trip would be made possible if Inna's amazing hubby, Michael, didn't volunteer his home and his baby sitting services.But I think he got a little something in return.After all, isn't this every guy's dream?To spend their mornings before work watching two cute babies while the mommies shower and get set for the day?Yeah, ok.  It's not exactly a sports car or a supermodel.But it does make two mamma's go "Awwww."And I know at least one guy who's jealous (sorry babe). … [Read more...]

Two girlfriends and two babies

Last week, while Jon was away on a business trip, I decided to be daring and take the baby to Boston to visit my best friends.My besty Inna and her husband volunteered to let me to spend a few nights at their place while Inna took a couple of days off work to hang out with me and our babies.Oh yeah, we stayed with this guy:In case you missed this post, this is Addison's future husband.We know it's a little old school, but Inna and I decided that we believe in arranged marriages after all.Especially when it's between these two:I mean, don't they look like they belong together?Personally, I think they make an amazing couple.  But that's neither here nor there.Let me tell you a little story.Years ago, when we were just kids, my girlfriend and I would talk about our very distant future and how amazing it would be if we grew up and raised our kids together.  It's something I'm sure all girlfriends chat about one time or another as they envision their futures together.  That and sitting around at 80, drinking decaf and gossiping.Can't believe that we're actually here - watching our kids play together.What did you and your girlfriends (or boyfriends) envision about your future when you were 16? … [Read more...]


Have I mentioned how much I love caviar?Because it's a lot.I find that people either love or hate it.Where do you land? … [Read more...]

My couch, the infirmary

Past couple of days my house has turned into an infirmary. Somewhere along my travels last week I picked up a cold.And since I'm nursing, these are my measures of comfort: hot tea, tissues, and non-mentholated cough drops.But the worst part of all is that my poor baby caught the cold too.Peanut has been sneezing, coughing, and snotting practically non-stop since yesterday.She's also been sleeping a lot.  Which is good for her recovery.And I've been taking her temperature non-stop.  And pulling boogies out of her tiny cute irritated nose.By the way, if you have a baby or a kid, this thermometer is awesome - all you do is swipe it across their forehead!  No need to add any fussiness of sticking one in their ear or worse!And until she feels better, we've got this little gal to keep her comforted. … [Read more...]

Addi’s Godfather

I was looking back at these:Michael with baby Michaelbecause now I have these:Michael with baby AddisonAddi and I spent a few days at my besty Inna's place - visiting her soon-to-be Godparents.  And I was dying over Michael holding tiny little baby Addison.Because as cute as it was to see baby Michael against his daddy's chest, it's even cuter to see my tiny baby bonding with her Godfather. … [Read more...]