Memorial Day Weekend

Here’s a quick recap of our weekend (minus the whole sleep training thing – which I will update you on tomorrow) with limited comments by me (except where I just cannot resist).

Michael and Peanut
A grill, 2 men, and a can

Penny and Peanut

Apparently water bottles make awesome baby toys (supervised!).

Penny and Peanut

Squishy kisses from auntie Penny are the best kind.

Gigi with Peanut

Penny, Tim and Peanut

Penny, Tim and Peanut

Penny, Tim, Peanut and Buca’s snout

Peanut’s favorite game was watching Buca (Jon’s brother Michael’s Lab-Weimaraner mix) and trying to grab her.

Penny, Tim, Peanut and Buca

This is Buca.


I heart her.

And this is our moody Yorkie.


He was acting dramatic because he wasn’t getting the attention he wanted.

Penny, Peanut and Buca

3 generations – Gigi, Penny and Peanut

Michael with Peanut

Michael, Peanut and Buca’s forehead

Petting Buca

Tying to poke Buca in the eye

My little family (not pictured: two squirrels small dogs)

The End.

A quick update

Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day filled with family, some delicious food, and lots of pictures.

a-Memorial day weekend 338
Family Photo

But before I go into all sorts of details about our amazing day in the next post or two, I thought I’d update you on a couple of things going on in our household.

a-Memorial day weekend 081
Peanut with her auntie Penny

- We tried to give Peanut her first solids – rice cereal – for 3 days.  However, since her tongue reflex is still going strong (meaning, she pushes the food out with her tongue as an automatic reflex to prevent from chocking), we decided to stop for a few days and try again next week.  We’ll continue in the same manner – trying for a couple of days at a time, then stopping for 4-6 until she starts eating the food instead of just pushing it out.

a-Memorial day weekend 122-2
Peanut and her Gigi

-  Based on Peanut’s behavior (her hands are ALWAYS in her mouth, she only wants the paci for about 1 minute when she wakes up, etc), our pediatrician suggested that we may want to take away the pacifier now because it seems to just wake Peanut up at night.  She also thinks that we will be successful if we tried some sleep training.

a-Memorial day weekend 167
Playing with Penny and uncle Tim

- We’ve been thinking and reading and talking to others about it and decided to go through with it.  The sleep training starts this weekend and I’ll write a post once we’re done if it’s successful or not.   We’re going through with it for 3 days and if things don’t get significantly different, we’ll reevaluate.

a-Memorial day weekend 184
Peanut loves being an airplane

-  Jon and I went out on our very first date on Friday night while Jon’s mom babysat.  It was incredible!  The restaurant was a recommendation by my boss – it was this little Italian place and it was AMAZING!  Like, amazing!  Jon and I even managed to talk about things other than the baby for a few minutes.  The baby slept soundly through the whole date.

a-Memorial day weekend 244
She looks just like her auntie :)

-  Peanut is finally laughing!  And babbling.  Almost non-stop.  It’s so cute.  Her favorite subjects are the puppies.  She loves to watch them, then squeals with delight when they come over to her.

a-Memorial day weekend 314
Playing with uncle Mike and his puppy, Buca

Well, that’s about it folks.  How are things going? 
Do you have any success or failure stories about sleep training?