Our weekend recap

This weekend was one of the first weekend where we didn’t have some place to travel or some intricate plans.  As much as I love weekends with plans because they seem to last forever, I always end up extra tired on Monday. 

Random Sunday 003

On Saturday Jon went out to play golf with his buddies so Peanut and I were left to entertain ourselves.

Random Sunday 004

We decided to go hang out at Marshalls where I bought Peanut a new toy (she insisted, I swear) and a couple of plain shirts for me (I have no clothes. True story).

Random Sunday 007

Then we went over to my friends Christine and Joe’s.  They have an adorable 2 year old baby girl and are expecting a baby boy at the end of this summer!  Which, in case you didn’t read into that, means that we get all the cute baby-girl stuff!

Random Sunday 048

We spent a little while hanging out and watching the girls play together (read: Peanut was grabbing everything in her sight and trying to put it in her mouth while Sofia tried to understand how this was a fun game).  Then we had some lunch and dove into the piles of clothes.  By the end of our play-date, Peanut had 3 huge bag-full of practically-new clothes (just for her current size!) and a bag full of shoes for when she starts walking.  Needless to say, I am ecstatic!

Random Sunday 050

By the time we got back, took a nap (Peanut) and vacuumed and made dinner (me), Jon was back from his golf-outing and we spent some time together, ate dinner, and played with Peanut.  After her bedtime, Jon and I plopped our tired butts on the couch, had some wine and brownies and watched Mrs. Doubtfire.

Random Sunday 022

That’s what your Saturday nights are like too, right?

Sunday Peanut and I let Jon sleep in a little bit, then we all showered up, prettied up, and headed out to Church.  This Sunday was the first time that we didn’t bring Peanut to the service with us and left her in the nursery.  Usually she does great at the service, but she’s recently found her voice and is now entertained with screeching at the top of her lungs.  We didn’t think that would be appreciated by the others in the service, so we left P in the nursery.

Random Sunday 028

She did great!  Initially she gave the nursery lady a pout face and a couple of tears, but once the stranger anxiety wore off, she loved hanging out.

Random Sunday 037

After Church, we did some Sunday shopping (Walmart, Big Y) and spent the rest of the day hanging out, playing with our Peanut, and relaxing. 

Random Sunday 046

What did you do this weekend?

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