4 years is a lifetime

Tomorrow marks 4 years since Jon and I said those two little words that legally bound us to one another.

In honor of that, I’ll tell you about our wedding day.

First, your should catch up on our love story here.

Second, let me set the scene – we’re barely 24 years old (kids!) and we were dating for 8 months before we got engaged and waiting barely 9 months after our engagement before we got married.

Any who, let’s take it back to July 28th, 2007.

Jon and I decided that although we didn’t do any of that other stuff right (moved in together, then started dating, then got engaged), we would spend our last night before marriage apart.  Jon stayed at his mom’s house (she lived local to where we were getting married in Western mass) and I stayed at the hotel near our reception place.  My sister decided to stay with me since she was my Maid of Honor and because the hotel lost my parents’ reservation, they stayed with us too.  As weird as it might be to someone to have their entire immediate family spend the night with them before they got married, it was actually pretty amazing.  It was the last night that I got to hang out with my family before I started a family of my own.  It was amazing to be this close to the people that brought me up to be the person that I am today.

That morning I woke up at 6am (which was super early for me back then) with a feeling of complete calm washing over me.  I was freaking out over everything from the guestbook to the guest list to the limo for days before our wedding.  Yet that morning I woke up and felt at peace.  I pulled out a book I brought with me and read for just over an hour until the alarm rang and my sister woke up.

We stayed in the same bed just like we did when we were kids.

She woke up excited and immediately started planning out our whole day.  My parents woke up shortly after that and we all headed downstairs for breakfast.

In the hotel lobby I ran into some of our guests and greeted them excitedly.  I barely ate anything.  Following breakfast, the Bridesmaids and I had hair and make-up appointments.

King_ (12)

It was down pouring outside, but none of that seemed to bother me.  The rain stopped for about 2 minutes while we ran from the car to the hair appointment, 2 minutes while we ran from the hair appointment to he make up appointment, and again when we were finished.

King_ (15)

Back at the hotel, I snuck into my parents’ room (they were finally able to check in) and stuffed my face.  Then I saw my roommate from college checking in, so I hung out with her and another friend for a while.

Finally, it was time to get dressed.

King_ (23)

Tomorrow I’ll tell ya all about the actual wedding.

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