FF – lessons from a 6 month old

Don’t you want to see the world through their eyes?  Because more days than not, I do.

I love the way everything is so new and amazing to Peanut, so here are some lessons I’ve learned from my 6 months old.



1.  Wake up and take on each day with a smile. 


6 months 083


2.  Know what you want and reach for it with all of your might.


6 months 104


3.  Laugh.  A lot.


6 months 108


4.  Explore new things with all of your senses.


6 months 121


5.  Have fun with everything you do.


6 months 107


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  1. What great pictures! I love her pink bumpers :)

  2. My sister calls my niece her "Little Life Coach"…it is so true too! Thanks for sharing the lessons your Little Life Coach is teaching you…love the pics! :)

  3. Gina @ Running to the Kitchen says:

    Is it normal for 6 month olds to pull up on things and stand by themselves? She looks so small to be doing all those things! Impressive, peanut :)

  4. lifeofadoctorswife says:

    Aww this is so sweet! And love the photos of your cute little peanut!

  5. carrielt says:

    I just want to steal her and love her and spoil her rotten then bring her back when she cries! lol

  6. Jennifer says:

    She is so so cute!!

  7. keepcalmandloveon says:

    You are right – those are great rules to live by!

  8. Jennifer says:

    she's such a little cutie! My niece turned two last week, I can't believe how fast that time flew. To answer your questions- no hubby doesn't read the blog, I don't think he knows that I have one. Most of the people from my AOL days I don't talk to anymore but one of my best guy friends I met online when I was 16 and we're still friends. He's not the one I wrote about though :-)

  9. KimberlyJ says:

    what a cute baby. great photos too.

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