Wordless Wednesday


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The side effects of the hurricane


Have you noticed the side effects of the hurricane beyond the fallen trees and the lack of power within the 50 mile radius?  I’m not talking about the internet being slower or even the lack of cable.  Believe it or not, I’m not even talking about the extra smelly people and my sudden tolerance toward it.   I’m talking about people and their kindness.   People have a way of pulling together in times of need.   Take my neighbors for example.  They’re friendly.  In fact, they’re all super friendly and very giving (a good portion of Peanut’s toys comes from one of our neighbors).  But in the time of need, they go above and beyond.  Yesterday we connected with 2 sets of our neighbors and were offered veggies from their garden, a small generator, a place to hang out.  They all came by to look at our tree and make sure that we’re okay (this may be usual for your neighborhood, but we live on a pretty busy road where you have to cross traffic to get to your neighbor’s house).  Then today another neighbor stopped by and brought us pizza because she wasn’t sure if we had anything to eat.  They amaze us through and through.   Aside from our awesome neighbors, we have also been in contact with our friends and co-workers, who have offered (and we accepted) a warm shower, hot coffee, and their company.  The people at Starbucks where we camped out all huddled together, offering up any open seat or sharing their … [Read more...]

Life without power


Do you ever think about how much we take power and running water for granted?   Well, we’re faced with a situation where we have no running water or power.  And right now, the estimate to have it back is 7 to 10 days.   Let me tell you a little about the past two days.   After waking up and seeing the power go out around 6am yesterday, we realized just how dysfunctional our life was going to be.  For starters, we couldn’t make coffee.  Jon and I without any caffeine these days is not a pretty picture.  Since we both have 2-3 cups a day, no coffee doesn’t just mean 2 grumpy parents, it means 2 grumpy parents with withdrawal headaches.   Then there is the matter of food.  Did I ever tell you what a monster I am when I am hungry?  Well, I’m a monster when I’m hungry.  Everything agitates me.  Thankfully, Jon looked ahead and refilled our propane tanks so we’ve been cooking most things on the grill and its burner.  Last night we had grilled chicken in BBQ sauce with some rice.  Tonight we ate some pasta with cheese on top (don’t knock it till you try it).  We also have lots of canned goods, so for lunch we’ve been having tuna sandwiches and some leftover meat that would otherwise go bad (well, really just turkey).   On top of the lack of caffeine and delicious food, our fridge and freezer have begun to defrost.  This isn’t just bad as in, “oh my god the food is going bad,” but more of, “oh my god I pumped extra for the past 7 … [Read more...]

Weekly roundup


If you didn’t notice - I’m switched over to Wordpress!  I’m very excited to be here, but am still working out a few kinks. If you are following me on Google Reader, things are working right with it yet.  If you’re impatient (I know I am), add me again!   In case you missed it, here are some posts from this week: Peanut’s 7 months post. She also had her first trip to the local playground, started to roll over (now both ways!), and showed off her dancin’ skills. I answered some of your Q’s.   Oh, and we had a hurricane.       No worries! We’re all okay.   Last night, after setting up the yard and the house to prepare for what may occur, we packed up the whole family and headed to the basement.  Addison had fun “camping out” in her pack and play while we slept on the futon (Travis slept on the futon with us).   On a side note, sleeping on the futon brought back quiet a few memories of our days in our apartment.   Back to Irene.     The night was full of hard rain and by the time we woke up around 6 am, the rain was accompanied by some super strong winds.  Jon and I turned on the news and settled on the couch to check out what was going on (although we were pretty sure about what was up since everything around us was howling).  By about 6:10 we thought it would be a good idea to brew some coffee in case the power went out.  Which, obviously, led to the power going out … [Read more...]

FF – I’m love in Pinterest world

I tried hard to resist, but apparently not strong enough.   I still wonder why I resisted for as long as I did because I am freakin’ in love.  To entertain you today, I’m going to show you my top 5 pins from this month. <center><a href="http://www.livinglikethekings.com/search/label/Friday%20Five"> <img src="http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5105/5671375328_738f6ce04d_o.jpg" /> </a></center>   1. My Style   I need this for my fall closet.  If you know where I can get one that will not break my bank, e-mail me immediately.  This is a serious matter.   2.  My Belly   I made these last night.  They were AMAZING.  Actually, I made a double portion thinking that I was going to freeze some, but Jon ate almost all of it.  And it took like no time or effort to put them together. I’m definitely filing these away for later…thankfully, Pinterest lets me do just that.   3.  My “must-take” photos   Seriously - are your ovaries swooning?  Because mine are.   Thankfully, one of my close friends just had a baby boy and I get to take newborn pictures for them.  To say that I am excited would be an enormous understatement.   4.  My Peanut   Are you going to die?  Because I might.   5.  My home   Something about mustard makes me happy (even though I absolutely detest actual mustard. True … [Read more...]