FF – I’m love in Pinterest world

I tried hard to resist, but apparently not strong enough.


I still wonder why I resisted for as long as I did because I am freakin’ in love.  To entertain you today, I’m going to show you my top 5 pins from this month.


1. My Style


I need this for my fall closet.  If you know where I can get one that will not break my bank, e-mail me immediately.  This is a serious matter.


2.  My Belly


I made these last night.  They were AMAZING.  Actually, I made a double portion thinking that I was going to freeze some, but Jon ate almost all of it.  And it took like no time or effort to put them together. I’m definitely filing these away for later…thankfully, Pinterest lets me do just that.


3.  My “must-take” photos


Seriously – are your ovaries swooning?  Because mine are.


Thankfully, one of my close friends just had a baby boy and I get to take newborn pictures for them.  To say that I am excited would be an enormous understatement.


4.  My Peanut


Are you going to die?  Because I might.


5.  My home


Something about mustard makes me happy (even though I absolutely detest actual mustard. True story).  I need to update my bedroom.


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  1. I refuse to comment on a post that talks about my ovaries swooning. Oh wait, I just did…

  2. Oh my god that outfit for Peanut- cuetst thing ever. This is why I must have a girl some day. Damnit.

  3. Oh, Pinterest…. I just joined last weekend and wow is it a dangerous thing. Thanks for sharing (I want that dress, too now!)

  4. I love Pintrest! :) Just started following you. This was a great FF idea!

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