Rollin with my homies

I’m just kidding, guys.  I’m so not a cool kid.


Any-who, check out Addison’s cool new move.


7 months 232


Hey, ma.  I’m just hanging out here, looking cute.


7 months 241


Do not pay attention to the little kid in the crib.


7 months 242


I think I spot something that needs more investigating.


7 months 243


Let me just reach around here…


7 months 245


And roll a little.


7 months 246


There.  Now what were we doing?


Let me tell ya, waking up and seeing her in the crib face down is giving me a heart attack in the morning.  But I guess it’s all part of growing up.


  1. That’s why we have a monitor that has a motion sensor pad that goes under the crib mattress. If he stopped breathing or his heart stopped beating the alarm would go off. He was rolling over back to front at 16 weeks but he slept in a bassinet in our room for a few weeks longer past that, so we just put him to sleep on his tummy when he started sleeping in his crib – and there was NO way I was going to get one ounce of sleep w/him on his belly in a separate room… so monitor w/alarm it was.

    Of course, the only thing that’s ever happened was that he wiggled into a corner of the crib where the sensor couldn’t sense him, so the alarm went off, waking both him and me up unnecessarily. *sigh* (In the early days my husband would also wake up to the alarm and he and I would be bumping into each other Three Stooges-style to get to the crib but now he sleeps through the crib alarm. Men.) The alarm going off like that has happened at least two dozen times in the past year. *sigh* But I like the peace of mind, regardless. (And now he’s too big for it to happen.)

    • And right after I posted that, the crib alarm went off because he was sleeping up on all fours. LOL Whyyyy?

      • HAHAHA Candice…you know, I considered getting one because my BFF has one and LOVES it but I don’t know what would happen to my poor unstable heart if the alarm went off. I might die. On the spot.

        • Trust me, my heart leaps nearly every time. Now that he’s bigger and I figure he’s not setting it off by being in a corner, my first thought is that someone broke into my house and it trying to steal him. Rational, I know. lol

  2. Least you know she has no problem moving if she can’t breath at this point. I figure if Robby ever manages to roll himself over at night, his ability to wake the neighborhood won’t let me sleep through it. ;)

  3. Go Addi Go!!!

  4. Wait till she starts doing it across the room, we had to buy a playpen to contain E, she can roll across a room in a flash, and its always towards the cables!

  5. Isn’t it so nerve wracking? Ever since Emma started rolling over she eventually rolls to her tummy to sleep at night and it makes me a wreck. They say the chance of SID’s is so slim at this stage but STILL. Nervous mommy I am for sure.

    Way to go Peanut! What a big girl.

  6. Yay Peanut on rolling over!

  7. hah….Try 3.5 months! Gage started rolling over on his own to his stomach at less than 4 months. I called the dr. to see what we could do and they said, oh well once he rolls over don’t worry, you can’t do anything about it, but it’ll be MONTHS before he does that!

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