The side effects of the hurricane

Have you noticed the side effects of the hurricane beyond the fallen trees and the lack of power within the 50 mile radius?  I’m not talking about the internet being slower or even the lack of cable.  Believe it or not, I’m not even talking about the extra smelly people and my sudden tolerance toward it.


I’m talking about people and their kindness.


People have a way of pulling together in times of need.


Take my neighbors for example.  They’re friendly.  In fact, they’re all super friendly and very giving (a good portion of Peanut’s toys comes from one of our neighbors).  But in the time of need, they go above and beyond.  Yesterday we connected with 2 sets of our neighbors and were offered veggies from their garden, a small generator, a place to hang out.  They all came by to look at our tree and make sure that we’re okay (this may be usual for your neighborhood, but we live on a pretty busy road where you have to cross traffic to get to your neighbor’s house).  Then today another neighbor stopped by and brought us pizza because she wasn’t sure if we had anything to eat.  They amaze us through and through.


Aside from our awesome neighbors, we have also been in contact with our friends and co-workers, who have offered (and we accepted) a warm shower, hot coffee, and their company.  The people at Starbucks where we camped out all huddled together, offering up any open seat or sharing their outlets.


Needless to say, our families have been just amazing!  Driving all the way here from Massachusetts to bring and hook up a generator to save my milk.  Who does that?  Oh, right, family.


Even as we drove around through the streets with no traffic lights, people with the right away stopped and waved us through.  No one was speeding.  No one seemed to be in a hurry.  No one was cutting one another off to make it up the ramp first.


I wonder what life would be like if this behavior continued as the effects of the storm wore off?


hurricane aftermath 004


On another, but somewhat related, note our office has power as of this late afternoon!  Which means that I get to go in and shower (yay for you) and have some coffee (yay for me) and even interact with people other than my smelly husband (yay for him).

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