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In case you missed it, here are some posts from this week:

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She also had her first trip to the local playground, started to roll over (now both ways!), and showed off her dancin’ skills.

I answered some of your Q’s.


Oh, and we had a hurricane.


hurricane irene 012



No worries! We’re all okay.


Last night, after setting up the yard and the house to prepare for what may occur, we packed up the whole family and headed to the basement.  Addison had fun “camping out” in her pack and play while we slept on the futon (Travis slept on the futon with us).


On a side note, sleeping on the futon brought back quiet a few memories of our days in our apartment.


Back to Irene.


hurricane irene 007


The night was full of hard rain and by the time we woke up around 6 am, the rain was accompanied by some super strong winds.  Jon and I turned on the news and settled on the couch to check out what was going on (although we were pretty sure about what was up since everything around us was howling).  By about 6:10 we thought it would be a good idea to brew some coffee in case the power went out.  Which, obviously, led to the power going out immediately.  Have I mentioned how reliant I am on coffee these days?


Peanut woke up around 6:30, so I fed her and pumped, realizing that I didn’t charge up the pump…DOH.


Then around 7 we heard a really loud creek followed by an even louder thump. 


That would be the 2 trees in our yard.


hurricane irene 010


We peaked at them from safe distance, then retreated back to the basement to do, well, not much since we didn’t have any power.


By noon, most of the winds died down (okay, it’s still super windy,but it seemed safe) and we started to assess the damage by going online with our phones.  A few minutes ago we finally ventured outside, talked to our neighbors and took some pictures.


And now, for dramatic effect, here is the proximity of the trees to our house.


hurricane irene 023


We’re guessing that they landed about 10 feet from the house.  Lucky?  I think so.


So, we have no power, but otherwise, everything is just dandy here.  Shockingly, no water in the basement.  No damage to the house or our car (we moved the second one to a park n ride because we were hoping it’d leave us with at least one vehicle; so we haven’t seen that one yet).


hurricane irene 013


How are you guys?  Is everyone safe and sound?  I have limited time to communicate with the power outage and all, but I want to hear from you (Twitter or Facebook are probably best).


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    [...] No real damage during this Hurricane.  Not even a tree down in our yard (considering most of them came down last year during Irene) [...]