Weekly Roundup

Ah, Sunday.  Sunday is probably my favorite and least favorite day of the week.


It’s my favorite because it is almost always relaxing – I never feel like I have to do much.  We always start the day off by snuggling Peanut in our bed for an extra long while, then moving the party into the living room.  Jon and I get a cup of coffee and settle on the floor where Peanut pulls at the dog’s hair and attempts to chew on his toys.


a-7.5 months 014


We rarely change out of our PJ’s until almost noon.  It’s the way Sundays should be.


But it’s also the last day of the weekend.  As the day goes on, there is a looming reminder that Monday is just around the corner.  Where the first part of the day is relaxing, the afternoon and evening is usually full or preparations for the week, grocery shopping, and cleaning. 


a-7.5 months 046


Any who, let’s talk about the week.


Here are some posts to catch up on, in case you missed them:

Peanut is now creeping and crawling, pulling up, and getting awfully close to saying “mama”

I posted the videos of her walking with her walker and another video of Peanut just days old

There are some pictures I took of my friends’ newest addition to their family


I also did a guest post for Life in the Green House – it’s about chicken beaters.


How was your week?