What’s been happening around these parts

I thought I’d catch you up on what’s been happening around here.


labor day weekend 114


Peanut is growing up way too quickly and I’m barely able to keep up.  I want to make sure that I mark these down.


labor day weekend 137


Last week I woke up around the usual 6 am and sleepily looked at the baby monitor.  But Peanut wasn’t there.  I used the camera to scan the crib and found her sitting up in the corner.  Apparently, sometimes last week she learned not only how to scoot all the way down, but then propped herself up and was sitting, playing with her pacifier.


labor day weekend 136


Last week we propped Peanut up on her walker, where she will usually wait until we push the walker for her to walk behind.  This time she pushed the walker on her own and rushed forward.


labor day weekend 155


Last weekend Peanut started to not only shuffler her way backwards, but pulling her legs up under herself and extending them all the way up, until she was almost standing.


labor day weekend 158


Lately I’ve been standing Peanut up in her playpen while I preparing her bottles in the morning because she hates to be put down.  This week she started hopping up and down in the playpen, and tonight, her crib.


labor day weekend 164


This evening Peanut insisted on playing with my iPhone but we put it out of reach.  It took her about 5 seconds to pull her legs under, then scramble her way across the rug and grab the phone.  I wouldn’t quite call it crawling, but there was definite movement in the right direction.


labor day weekend 168


Our daycare has been teaching Peanut to wave bye-bye and give kissy-kissy.  This afternoon I picked her up and she waved bye-bye (with both hands and toad herself, but she waved) and gave me kisses.  Then I died a little.


labor day weekend 171


She’s been practicing sounds with her vocal cords and I swear that a few of them sound an awful lot like ma-ma.  I get so excited that I rush to wherever she is.  You know, just to solidify that it’s me she’s calling.


  1. Go Peanut! You’re almost too big to get called that anymore! (not really, she’ll be getting married and still be peanut)

  2. I love her outfit!!

  3. Precious, precious, precious. I love her! What is her official birthday? Any ideas for the 1st bday party?

  4. Wow she’s growing fast! I can just see by the glint in her eye that she’s all ready to just get into everything – all the time. Good luck as she starts moving around – and keeps melting your heart by saying Mama as she does it. ;o)

  5. She’s gonna be a mobile terror soon ;)

  6. They wave backwards b/c that’s what waving looks like from their perspective. They see our palms when we wave, so they think they should see their palms. How cute, right??

    I LOVE the age Peanut is at, but it’s a heart attack inducer as they start falling. But it’s just so awesome to see them do all this new physical stuff.

  7. Oh wow – she is so cute and getting so big! Looks like she’ll be walking and talking in no time! (Sorry, I know you probably want to freeze her in time for a while longer.)

    What fun though, to see her grow and learn new things every day!

  8. OK! I usually lurk here but this was wonderful, Kat!

  9. Noooo…she can’t be growing up so fast!! I love those pictures and her eyelashes are so pretty.

  10. So cute! she’s definitely growing up…but it’s GOOD! I have to keep reminding myself that it’s right that Zoe grows, and that I want her to grow…but it is certainly bittersweet. Do you ever watch Parenthood? Brad and I watch it and we laugh and cry every single week because of how awesome it is to have kids and because one day they’re going to be 16 and talking back to us! Anyways, Peanut is absolutely adorable! And I love that outfit!

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