Happy Halloween!

This is Peanut’s first Halloween and I’m a little excited (if you can’t tell). 


On Friday Peanut’s Daycare hosted a Halloween party – they had fun games, a mini parade (kids walking in a circle around the school.  yes, it’s as funny as it sounds).  Needless to say, I was there with my camera in tow.



Here is Peanut with her bff, Ryan.  They started daycare around the same time and Ryan is about a month older than P. 



P’s daycare teacher is always telling us funny stories about the two of them – they’re partners in crime. 



That’s P’s daycare teacher, auntie Connie (above).  I can’t get over her totally awesome Halloween costume.



A couple of months ago Ryan and Peanut got a new addition – Campbell.  She is about a month younger than P, but pretty much on the same development level as the other two.  The three of them are hilarious to watch.



The 3 musketeers.  The cuteness is overwhelming.


Happy Halloween my friends.

Bake Sale

Don’t forget to hop on over to Kari’s Bake Sale today!


Here’s a little preview of the goodies up for grabs: