Happy Halloween!

This is Peanut’s first Halloween and I’m a little excited (if you can’t tell). 


On Friday Peanut’s Daycare hosted a Halloween party – they had fun games, a mini parade (kids walking in a circle around the school.  yes, it’s as funny as it sounds).  Needless to say, I was there with my camera in tow.



Here is Peanut with her bff, Ryan.  They started daycare around the same time and Ryan is about a month older than P. 



P’s daycare teacher is always telling us funny stories about the two of them – they’re partners in crime. 



That’s P’s daycare teacher, auntie Connie (above).  I can’t get over her totally awesome Halloween costume.



A couple of months ago Ryan and Peanut got a new addition – Campbell.  She is about a month younger than P, but pretty much on the same development level as the other two.  The three of them are hilarious to watch.



The 3 musketeers.  The cuteness is overwhelming.


Happy Halloween my friends.


  1. OMG! this is THE cutest things EVER

  2. Your little peanut is adorable!!! I love seeing all the little kids all dressed up for Halloween, so cute!

  3. Dang…they are so cute!!! I would say Peanut’s first Halloween party was a success!

  4. Good gracious she’s adorable! Happy Halloween!

  5. they are so freaking cute!

  6. Awwww. She will probably be friends with them forever. Those costumes are to die for!

  7. I can’t handle all the cuteness!!!

  8. My heart is so full of love seeing those cuties…HA…they are SOOOO cute!! Have a great first Halloween : )

  9. Makes my heart melt. Peanut is too darn cute!

  10. LOVE!!!!! I could have dressed up as a ref. I still have my reffing shirt in my closet. hmm Next year I’ll dress up.

  11. This seriously made my day. Peanut’s costume is ADORABLE! Love it!!!

  12. Super cute! I love the picture of Jon with P at his feet. :)

  13. you are absolutely right! The cuteness is unbearable!!!! Love her costume =)

  14. OMG The cuteness is so unbearable that my ovaries just exploded!!! I am way too broody for my own good!

  15. These might have convinced Mr. J to have kids. They are so super duper cute. Love the first one with Tigger.

  16. So cute! Love that costume!

  17. oh my goodness….SO SO SSSOOO adorable!!! I love Peanut’s costumes and her friends are pretty cute too!! Hope you guys had a great Halloween:)

  18. adorable!!!

  19. Um, this is way too much cuteness for me to stand! P and her friends (but especially P) are precious!

  20. oh my goodness! How cute is she in the chicken costume!?
    And that picture of her with her daddy is just so cute too!

  21. Melissa Donlan says:

    Soooo darn cute! They’re going to be forever friends :) Thank you so much for posting pictures of Ryan with Addison and Campbell. When Ryan first met Addison I was told he gave her his best smile and I knew that was the beginning of a lasting friendship. And I love hearing the daily stories of how they’re “partners in crime”. And now with Campbell in the group, they’re going to have a blast :)


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