Wordless Wednesday


This weekend we came home to huge turkey vultures - about 50 of them - in our back yard.   I obviously ran inside, got my camera, and took pictures.   … [Read more...]



I’m finding it very hard to motivate myself to come up with content to write about after our vacation.  I wasn’t motivated during our vacation so I gave myself a couple of days off.  Now I’m having an even harder time getting back into the swing of things.  Add to that my baby who’s on the move, a very busy work schedule, and the holiday seasons and what you have is me, staring at my computer screen for 20 minutes at a time, typing out a sentence and then deleting it again.  I’m sure that I’ll get back in the swing of things, but for now you get this wicked boring brain dump. Sorry.   A couple of months ago, in efforts to save a few dollars we decided to cut back on the TV, internet, and phone service.  We cancelled the phone service, removed the excess channels, and downgraded our internet.  We saved about $50 a month but my blood pressure has been going up ever since.  Do you know how difficult it is for me to fit my uploads and downloads within 1.5 mbps?     Did you know that my high school reunion has the ability to bring me back to a blubbering teenager?  I have no idea how it happened but my usual outgoing, easy going, and put together self sounded more like this, “I…uh…I…hi….oh…you know my name?  Did you know I have a baby?”  Talk about awkward.  Perhaps keeping my drinking to a minimum at the event was a bad idea.   Facebook has a way of taking the thrill of a high reunion out.  … [Read more...]

Why do kids grow up?


How exactly is it that my little nugget went from this     to this     in just 10 short months?   10 months ago she was just a newborn, barely opening her eyes and rooting around.  Helpless and barely moving, she would rely on us for every single little things.     Now she is this kid who crawls around at the speed of light, only pausing to find little specs on the ground and putting them in her mouth.     10 months ago we were excited when Peanut would open her eyes and accidentally glance in our direction.     Now she darts her eyes around, looking for mischief and finding it every time in our cell phones, the remotes, DVDs, and anything else she’s not allowed to have.     10 months ago we threw a party and videotaped her every move if she so much as showed a sign of rolling over.     Now she rolls, turns, sits up, crawls, pulls up, and sits back down in a matter of seconds.  We barely have time to keep up with her much less pull out the camera to video tape it.     How did our little Peanut get to be so big, so smart, so mobile? … [Read more...]

Weekly recap

We had a pretty busy week full of chores, some fun, and a ton of family.   Peanut hung out at daycare while Jon and I straightened up the house.   The weather participated so we were able to clean the yard, cut back the bushes, get some shopping done (it’s insane how many things you can get done when you don’t have an adorable little kid hanging on your hip), go out to see a movie, grout the tile.   Thursday morning we packed up the Peanut and drove our hungry butts to Western MA for some turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce and about 12 different pies.  Peanut gobbled up the delicious   Everyone has traditions for the holidays - ours involve a lot of driving and this trusty friend.   After eating way too much, we decided to brave some Black Friday deals.  It was tough, but we did get a couple of great deals.   Following some tough shopping, I cleaned up and drove to Boston to hang out with some friends and attend my 10 year high school reunion.  10 years.  That’s just nuts.   The best part of the trip was getting to hang out with my future son-in-law.   As much fun as the trip was, I was glad to be home on Saturday morning so I could hang out with this little gal.   Peanut is having a hard time kicking her cold, resulting in a ton of snot and a bit of whining.   After some cuddles and a ton of family bonding, Jon and I suited up and headed out to … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Turkey Day, my dear internet friends!  What are you thankful for today?     Today I am thankful for the decision my parents made 16 years ago and then worked hard to accomplish - their decision to move to the U.S.   Without that decision it would be unlikely that I finished school and went on to attend a college of my choice.   Without that decision it would be unlikely that I would get my license and a car at 16.     Without that decision it would be unlikely that I would have gone to college, lived on campus, and met a boy in class.   Without that decision it would be unlikely that I would have graduated college and got a great job.   Without that decision it would be unlikely that I would have moved out to my own apartment at the age of 21 and in with a boy from class.     Without that decision it would be unlikely that I would have fell in love with said boy and ended up marrying him.   Without that decision it would be unlikely that my new little family would have expanded with a couple of pups and bought our own house.   Without that decision it would be unlikely that we would have gone on vacations, dined out at amazing restaurants, or taken strolls along the beach.     Without that decision it would be unlikely that we would have had our beautiful baby girl and continued to hold full time jobs.   Without that decision I wouldn’t have met and fell in … [Read more...]