Baby things: 6 to 9 months

Did you know that it’s almost Christmas time?  No?  You mean, you didn’t notice the fact that most stores have already put up their Christmas decorations?


Any who, I thought that this might be helpful to those of you in search of the perfect baby gifts.


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Our interlocking Foam Play Mats

(link to One Step Ahead)


When Peanut started crawling and pulling up, I started scanning the web for some play mats that would protect her soft little head when she falls down.  As usual, I turned to my BFF Inna, the one that knows all things baby and she pointed me in the direction of One Step Ahead play mats.  These are extra thick, providing the cushion for all the falls.  Although the price is a bit hefty, it’s worth every penny!  If you’re looking for a wonderful gift for someone with a baby, I think these are a pretty safe bet.  If you happen to be a grandparent to a certain cute little Peanut, feel free to get us an extra pack or two of these!  We just adore these!


Fisher-price Laugh & Learn Farm

(link to amazon)


We don’t actually own this one (hint hint, nudge nudge), but this is Peanut’s favorite toy at daycare.  Each morning that I drop Peanut off at daycare, she spends the first 15 minutes clinging on to me for dear life and crying any time that I attempt to even get up.  This, my friends, is my secret weapon.  I just bring her over to the Farm and she immediately forgets who I am.  Instead she loves to flip the flaps, open and close the farm door, pick the “carrots.”  And I love being able to sneak away while she’s busy playing.


Ball popping toys

(elephant link here)

(hippo link here)


My bestie Inna bought Peanut this elephant as a gift a couple of months ago, telling me that her baby boy is obsessed with it.  I happily brought this home, knowing that she has never stirred me wrong.  No big surprise here, but Peanut is also obsessed with the elephant toy.  So much that she squeals with delight whenever she sees it.  She loves watching the balls pop out and then chasing them all around the play area.



Being the super attentive Gigi that she is, Jon’s mom noticed P’s love for the elephant toy and bought her this hippo.  The balls match in size to the elephant toy, which is the extra bonus.  Peanut loves spending her evenings crawling after the hippo and chasing the colorful balls.


Sit-to-stand Learning Walker

(link to amazon)


We bought this one for Peanut’s 6 month half-birthday and she’s been obsessed with it.  She started by spending all her time playing with the phone and the little door she can open and close.  Around 7 months she loved pulling up to press the little star and pull off the shapes.  At 8 months she loved pulling up and walking behind it while we supervised.  By 9 months Peanut learned how to move the toy away from the couch and push it forward, all on her own.  This toy is exactly what it advertises, teaching the baby to stand up, pull up, and walk.  Another part that we love about this toy is that the face plate comes off, letting you move it to, say, the jail play pen to keep your kid busy while you scramble to make her a quick meal.


Choo-choo trains, blocks, and Little People

(link to blocks)

(link to choo choo train)

(link to Little People)

This little obsession with choo-choo trains started when I bought Peanut a little train with peek-a-boo blocks at a consignment shop.  Then, we bought my BFF’s little boy a Little People toy and Peanut spent most of the day playing with it.  My grandparents ended up buying Peanut 2 Little People toys, which she has been obsessing (read: licking non stop) with ever since.  We are not allowed to leave the house without one (or 5).


Elmo Phone

(link to amazon)


Obviously the baby has a ton of toys, but to keep this semi-short, I am only showing you the ones that she’s beyond over-the-moon about.  Take this Elmo phone for example.  Peanut spends more time picking it up and screaming “Ahh” (I’m assuming this means “hello”) into it.  She loves opening and closing the little lid, pulling up the antenna, forcing the eye lids closed.  Whenever Peanut is a little whiny, we give her the Elmo phone and all is well in the world.


Activity Table

(link to Sears)


To be fair, we don’t own this toy either.  My BFF is letting me borrow it and it’s taught Peanut so many things, like pulling up, flipping the “pages,” and walking around it.  In addition to helping Peanut stand up, this toy has taught her how to take her first steps while holding on to the table.


What are some of your favorite toys?

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