Peanut – 10 months

Dear little nugget,


_10 months 019


you are the light of our lives.


_10 months 030


We’re excited to wake up every single morning to see your bright, smiling face.  I’ve never been this happy or excited to wake up at 6 am, my little doll.


_10 months 039


No matter the day that daddy and I have, picking you up from daycare puts a grin on both of our faces – you get so excited when you see us and rush over to give us hugs and kisses.


_10 months 041


I love the way you smile when you’re nervous or unsure about a situation, giggle when someone scares you, and point when you see something you want.


_10 months 042


I love the way you bite us when you give “kisses” and the way you grab my nose when you’re excited to see me.


_10 months 048


I love how curious you are, taking the time to study each object that you find and then promptly sticking it in your mouth.


_10 months 053


You are not very patient, but I have no one to blame for that but myself.  You sure do take after your mama.


_10 months 092


In short, your make our world go round.  Happy 10 months, beautiful girl.


p 10 months


Here’s a little about our 10th month together;

  • Peanut’s favorite mode of getting from place A to place B is still crawling.  She’s perfected getting around, pulling up, and even balances on her own for a few seconds before grabbing on to a surface nearby or plopping down.
  • We started teaching her some sign language and she seems very interested.  Anytime that we sign to her, she stops what she’s doing and watches us intently.  We hope that she picks it up in the next couple of months!  So far we’re teaching her Eat, More, Finished, Doggie, and Milk.  Once she catches on, we’ll add a couple more.
  • She’s still babbling like crazy, but not making any sense just yet.  She does like to point to things that she is curious about and asks us, “Ah?”
  • Peanut’s new favorite activities include stacking rings, placing the balls back in the toys, and throwing.
  • Addison’s favorite foods are zucchini fritters, eggs, peas, and bananas.  In fact we have peas and bananas at pretty much every single meal.  Aside from her love for peas and bananas, she’s very open to almost everything she tries.
  • Addi’s smart, cuddly, inquisitive, funny, outgoing, and silly.  She’s everything we wanted and so much more.  So. much. more.

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