Why do kids grow up?

How exactly is it that my little nugget went from this



to this


_Playground and vulchers 026


in just 10 short months?


10 months ago she was just a newborn, barely opening her eyes and rooting around.  Helpless and barely moving, she would rely on us for every single little things.



Now she is this kid who crawls around at the speed of light, only pausing to find little specs on the ground and putting them in her mouth.


_Playground and vulchers 002


10 months ago we were excited when Peanut would open her eyes and accidentally glance in our direction.



Now she darts her eyes around, looking for mischief and finding it every time in our cell phones, the remotes, DVDs, and anything else she’s not allowed to have.


_Playground and vulchers 006


10 months ago we threw a party and videotaped her every move if she so much as showed a sign of rolling over.



Now she rolls, turns, sits up, crawls, pulls up, and sits back down in a matter of seconds.  We barely have time to keep up with her much less pull out the camera to video tape it.


_Playground and vulchers 013


How did our little Peanut get to be so big, so smart, so mobile?


  1. Just wait til she turns 2!! Jax will be 2.5 in a few days and it seriously blows my mind!!

  2. Everyone says it goes by so quickly! But, just think of the personality she is continually developing…I’m sure that’s fun to watch. :)

  3. I KNOW! My little one just turned 9 months. It’s true that the baby stage is a very short time in your life. Glad you are enjoying it so much!!


  4. I want that knit hat.

  5. It is truly nuts. I can’t believe that our little baby is getting more and more like a little boy. I just love the joy he gets from accomplishing his goals (right now letting go while standing and balancing), but the milestones and happenings just seem faster and faster!

  6. Wow. TIme really runs. Such cute pics, both ages :-)

  7. It truly is amazing how fast they grow up. Our little girl just turned 18 mths and its hard to believe how fast 18 mths can go by.

  8. Don’t blink. She’ll be off to college if you do…. ;)

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