Wordless Wednesday

This weekend we came home to huge turkey vultures – about 50 of them – in our back yard.


I obviously ran inside, got my camera, and took pictures.


_Playground and vulchers 167_Playground and vulchers 178_Playground and vulchers 179_Playground and vulchers 187_Playground and vulchers 188_Playground and vulchers 190_Playground and vulchers 195_Playground and vulchers 196_Playground and vulchers 197_Playground and vulchers 203


  1. Yikes!!! The town my sister lives in they have taken over. It’s scary to be out in her yard working in the flower bed to look up and see you are being circled. Great pictures!!

  2. Wow..that would terrify me! You got some great shots of them.

  3. Wow, those are some huge birds! That last picture is really cool!

  4. Those things are CREEPY!!!

  5. We have a ton of those that live in our neighborhood. Lots of roadkill :)

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