A collection of photo blogs

A few of you mentioned on my photo post that you were interested in seeing what photo blogs I end up finding.  Per your request, I'm here to share some of those blogs with you. Pacing the Panic Room (thanks to Julie) - a wonderful photo blog written by a Father Digital Photography School (thanks to Dawn) - I've been following this blog for a long while now - they have some AWESOME tips for photography, as well as editing Enjoying the Small Things (thanks to Jen) - Her photography is amazing, but the stories make it even more wonderful Photo Treasury (thanks to Amber) - a ton of freebies, which I, for one love I Heart Faces (thanks to Amber, again) - LOVE this blog.  I first saw the link on A Dollop of My Life and have been peeking ever since.  Now I'll be adding it to my reader, alongside the rest of these.  This blog also has a ton of challenges, which I plan to participate in to better myself as a photographer-wanna-be The CoffeeShop Blog (thanks to Amber - dude, do you rock or what?!) - I love this blog for all the freebies, including a ton of templates for collages for Lightroom, which I just got for Christmas (thanks to my amazing mother-in-law) Under the Sycamore (thanks to Happiness Is...) - the photography tips are AWESOME   Thanks for everyone who shared their favs!  Here are some of mine to add to yours: A Dollop of my Life - her boys are adorable and her photography is outstanding Happiness Is - her little boy is the same age … [Read more...]

Christmas recap post – the second half

Did I ever tell you the shock that I was in the first Christmas that I spent with Jon's family?  Well, allow me to diverge a little. My family, as you may or may not know, celebrates New Years in a similar fashion as Americans celebrate Christmas.  So every New Years, when we exchanged gifts, they were usually something small, but often expensive.  My family is into pretty high end electronics or large gifts (like the year my sister asked for tires for her car).  We tend to stick to one or two big gifts.  So on my first Christmas with Jon's family, I was expecting something similar. Boy, was I wrong!  Jon's family gets about 5 bagillion gifts for everyone from everyone, in addition to a stocking that's stacked so high that they use "stocking overflow bags."  I remember walking into the living room that morning and literally thinking that I might faint!  As you know, opening presents is among my very favorite activities in this life, so this was pretty much like...well...Christmas morning. Now back to our Christmas in 2011. After eating some breakfast (cinnamon rolls, unfortunately they were store bought), Jon and I packed up the baby and headed to Massachusetts to celebrate Christmas with his family.  We were able to leave early and get to Jon's brother's apartment just after 10am. Another side note - Jon's poor brother Michael probably thought that he would get to sleep in since I wasn't there to wake him up at 5 am, but since we left early, Jon's mom woke … [Read more...]

Top 11 of 2011

I'm linking up with Naptime Momtog for a photo link up of my favorite pictures of Peanut from 2011. I've had the most amazing year and Peanut joining us was definitely the highlight of our lives.  These are 11 of my very favorite photos from this year.   … [Read more...]

The King Christmas recap

This year was (obviously) very different from the previous years.  In addition to our first Christmas with a baby, we decided to also start our own tradition and stay home to open presents on Christmas morning.  But we also wanted to spend as much time as possible with Jon's family so this was a very busy Christmas to say the least. On Christmas eve I ran over to do a quick shoot with a family, then edited the photos while Jon played with the baby.  Then, we swapped  and I took the baby while Jon packed up and went over to his grandma's house in Massachusetts for the annual Christmas eve party. Christmas morning Jon and I woke up super early.  Usually we get up around 6:30am and get things together before the baby wakes up around 7, but this morning we were both way too giddy about our first Christmas together.  I woke up around 5 and tossed and turned. By 5:30 I noticed that Jon was also tossing and turning so I asked him if he wanted to just get up.  Thankfully he did! I don't know if you guys know that about me, but I get very excited about Christmas.  It's pretty much my favorite day in the whole year and I get really giddy and anxious the night before and in the morning.  Which means that I barely ever sleep and then wake up super early and run around the house until everyone else wakes up.  This posed a real problem with Jon's family since his brother, Michael, likes to sleep in.  I'm pretty sure that our first Christmas together he wanted to kill me when I ran … [Read more...]

My favorite photo

I'm working on a New Year's resolution post, but I'll share one of them with you today. One of my resolutions for 2012 is to become a better photographer.  To get myself started I'm finding a few awesome photo blogs and joining their link ups.  Today I'm joining The Paper Mama for her photo contest. My favorite photo of my little nugget.     Got any photo blogs to share with me?   … [Read more...]