A collection of photo blogs

A few of you mentioned on my photo post that you were interested in seeing what photo blogs I end up finding.  Per your request, I’m here to share some of those blogs with you.

Pacing the Panic Room (thanks to Julie) – a wonderful photo blog written by a Father

Digital Photography School (thanks to Dawn) – I’ve been following this blog for a long while now – they have some AWESOME tips for photography, as well as editing

Enjoying the Small Things (thanks to Jen) – Her photography is amazing, but the stories make it even more wonderful

Photo Treasury (thanks to Amber) – a ton of freebies, which I, for one love

I Heart Faces (thanks to Amber, again) – LOVE this blog.  I first saw the link on A Dollop of My Life and have been peeking ever since.  Now I’ll be adding it to my reader, alongside the rest of these.  This blog also has a ton of challenges, which I plan to participate in to better myself as a photographer-wanna-be

The CoffeeShop Blog (thanks to Amber – dude, do you rock or what?!) – I love this blog for all the freebies, including a ton of templates for collages for Lightroom, which I just got for Christmas (thanks to my amazing mother-in-law)

Under the Sycamore (thanks to Happiness Is…) – the photography tips are AWESOME


Thanks for everyone who shared their favs!  Here are some of mine to add to yours:

A Dollop of my Life – her boys are adorable and her photography is outstanding

Happiness Is – her little boy is the same age as P! And she’s, obviously, an incredible photographer

Running to the Kitchen – okay, so Gina’s is one of my friends but you should see her food photography.  It makes me drool on myself…daily

The Pioneer Woman – duh…do I really have to explain?  If you’re skeptic, check out her actions (free!) and the super simple explanations of the settings on your DSLR.  It was the first thing I read that I actually understood when I got started

The Paper Mama – awesome, seriously, in every way. Plus cool challenges I plan to participate in

Living Our Love Song – recently found blog that I am seriously obsessing with.  ps – her kid’s name is Addison :) how cool is that?

Paper <3 Camera – another awesome blog with challenges.  Can’t wait to participate!

Ramblings and Photos by Ashley Sisk – I have so much to learn (le sigh). Amazing


And here’s a recent photo of my little munchkin that I’m loving.