A collection of photo blogs

A few of you mentioned on my photo post that you were interested in seeing what photo blogs I end up finding.  Per your request, I’m here to share some of those blogs with you.

Pacing the Panic Room (thanks to Julie) – a wonderful photo blog written by a Father

Digital Photography School (thanks to Dawn) – I’ve been following this blog for a long while now – they have some AWESOME tips for photography, as well as editing

Enjoying the Small Things (thanks to Jen) – Her photography is amazing, but the stories make it even more wonderful

Photo Treasury (thanks to Amber) – a ton of freebies, which I, for one love

I Heart Faces (thanks to Amber, again) – LOVE this blog.  I first saw the link on A Dollop of My Life and have been peeking ever since.  Now I’ll be adding it to my reader, alongside the rest of these.  This blog also has a ton of challenges, which I plan to participate in to better myself as a photographer-wanna-be

The CoffeeShop Blog (thanks to Amber – dude, do you rock or what?!) – I love this blog for all the freebies, including a ton of templates for collages for Lightroom, which I just got for Christmas (thanks to my amazing mother-in-law)

Under the Sycamore (thanks to Happiness Is…) – the photography tips are AWESOME


Thanks for everyone who shared their favs!  Here are some of mine to add to yours:

A Dollop of my Life – her boys are adorable and her photography is outstanding

Happiness Is – her little boy is the same age as P! And she’s, obviously, an incredible photographer

Running to the Kitchen – okay, so Gina’s is one of my friends but you should see her food photography.  It makes me drool on myself…daily

The Pioneer Woman – duh…do I really have to explain?  If you’re skeptic, check out her actions (free!) and the super simple explanations of the settings on your DSLR.  It was the first thing I read that I actually understood when I got started

The Paper Mama – awesome, seriously, in every way. Plus cool challenges I plan to participate in

Living Our Love Song – recently found blog that I am seriously obsessing with.  ps – her kid’s name is Addison :) how cool is that?

Paper <3 Camera – another awesome blog with challenges.  Can’t wait to participate!

Ramblings and Photos by Ashley Sisk – I have so much to learn (le sigh). Amazing


And here’s a recent photo of my little munchkin that I’m loving.


  1. LOVE the photo. And I’ll have to check out all these blogs since I’m incompetent. (But…doesn’t that little dab of peas look 3d? Am I losing my mind?)

  2. You’re the best! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. You’re too good to me ;)
    Now I’ve got like 20 more blogs to stalk!

  4. I love the changes on your blog! Looks great and really nice and clean :D

  5. Glad I could add some to your list :) Thanks for the additions as well-awesome list!

  6. Thank you so much for posting this! I’ve made it one of my goals of the new year to improve my photography. These links will definitely help!

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