My parenting fail – the outlet edition

There are many days when I look at my beautiful little Peanut and think that it’s amazing that we’re able to provide what she needs for her growth.  Dare I even say that we’re doing a pretty decent job with this whole parenting adventure.



Days like this something usually happens to bring me back to reality.

Saturday afternoon while Jon went out to Walmart to pick up some hooks to hang our outside Christmas lights, I spent some time cleaning up the kitchen and watching Peanut explore the dining room.  Lately Peanut’s really into crawling around the house, pulling up on various surfaces and taking apart pretty much anything and everything in sight.  Thankfully our home is pretty simple, small, and relatively clean so it doesn’t provide too much of a problem.  Plus, we recently made a big move toward babyproofing for our almost toddler.

As I walked around and picked up the dirty dishes from the table I saw my baby pull up on the shelves in the dining room and pick up a little toy on one of the shelves.  I smiled at her and moved on to the kitchen where I proceeded to wash the dishes.  Every couple of minutes I looked over and called her name, inquiring about what she was doing.  Usually it was somewhere between licking the chair (“Not in the mouth, P”) and licking the dog (“Eww….not in the mouth, Peanut!”).  And then things were quiet.  Too quiet.

I looked over to see my kid behind the dining room table, doing what looked like licking the wall.  This isn’t something new since she pretty much licks everything these days.  I struggled to figure out what it was on the wall that she could find interesting since she hasn’t been licking the walls (yet).  And then it hit me.


I rushed over and grabbed her just when she stuck her tongue into the open (gasp!) outlet.

After putting Peanut down with some toys in the living room and calling my husband frantically to let him know that we still had a kid, although just barely, I scrambled around the house and found our outlet covers that we kept saying we’d install any day now.

That day was today.

The lesson?  Plug your outlets.

And if you notice your kid licking the wall, she’s probably up to no good.