My parenting fail – the outlet edition

There are many days when I look at my beautiful little Peanut and think that it’s amazing that we’re able to provide what she needs for her growth.  Dare I even say that we’re doing a pretty decent job with this whole parenting adventure.



Days like this something usually happens to bring me back to reality.

Saturday afternoon while Jon went out to Walmart to pick up some hooks to hang our outside Christmas lights, I spent some time cleaning up the kitchen and watching Peanut explore the dining room.  Lately Peanut’s really into crawling around the house, pulling up on various surfaces and taking apart pretty much anything and everything in sight.  Thankfully our home is pretty simple, small, and relatively clean so it doesn’t provide too much of a problem.  Plus, we recently made a big move toward babyproofing for our almost toddler.

As I walked around and picked up the dirty dishes from the table I saw my baby pull up on the shelves in the dining room and pick up a little toy on one of the shelves.  I smiled at her and moved on to the kitchen where I proceeded to wash the dishes.  Every couple of minutes I looked over and called her name, inquiring about what she was doing.  Usually it was somewhere between licking the chair (“Not in the mouth, P”) and licking the dog (“Eww….not in the mouth, Peanut!”).  And then things were quiet.  Too quiet.

I looked over to see my kid behind the dining room table, doing what looked like licking the wall.  This isn’t something new since she pretty much licks everything these days.  I struggled to figure out what it was on the wall that she could find interesting since she hasn’t been licking the walls (yet).  And then it hit me.


I rushed over and grabbed her just when she stuck her tongue into the open (gasp!) outlet.

After putting Peanut down with some toys in the living room and calling my husband frantically to let him know that we still had a kid, although just barely, I scrambled around the house and found our outlet covers that we kept saying we’d install any day now.

That day was today.

The lesson?  Plug your outlets.

And if you notice your kid licking the wall, she’s probably up to no good.


  1. Haha, babies keep you on your toes. My kid can now take out the child proof covers and then lick the outlet all she wants. :)

  2. Nate has been able to pluck those outlet covers right out of the sockets since the day we put them in. We even got some “fancy” ones where you have to simultaneously press a button and pull to get it out… but, yup, he got those out right away, too. Then he leaves them around and the dog chews them. We’ve given up. :-/

  3. Scary! Glad you caught her just in time. My puppy likes to lick the walls (????) but hasn’t shown any interest in outlets but now I can’t help but wonder!

  4. You know, I don’t think I ever knew the real meaning of panic until I was a mother. In the last 16 months I’ve felt panic more than in my entire life up to that point. And, it’s not that it stays… typically it’s just moments where my heart seems to stop beating for a brief moment and then a surge of adrenaline {which has also become my best friend} races through my veins as I leap across tall buildings to rescue my daughter from WHATEVER it is that she just got herself into that could cause harm. It’s crazy, isn’t it?

    Finding her licking an outlet might have been a “mom fail”, but getting to her before she electrocuted herself is certainly a “mom win”.

    You’re a great mom, Kat.

    • You are seriously too sweet. Thanks ;) It’s always nice to hear that. On your initial note though, Yeah – I’ve never felt sicker to my stomach as I did that day. I literally almost threw up from the thought of the possibilities.

  5. This just cracked me up!! Before we got the flatscreen in the bedroom and up on the wall we had one of those old BIG TV’s. Well if we’d push Tails off the bed at night or scold him for playing with our glasses he’d jump up on the dresser and lick the side of the TV. It was really rough and the noise he’d make was so annoying. Enough to wake us up and chase him out of the bedroom.

  6. Oh wow, that’s scary!!!!! We’re already thinking about installing the childproof outlets, but in the baby room for now. Now that I think about installing those all over the house- OMG, we literally have them at 3 feet intervals throughout the whole 4000 sq. foot house!

  7. Anna Davis says:

    Just a fun bit of info… i have a 10 1/2 month old baby boy and guess what he can do… PULL OUT THE PLUGS!!! AGH I have NO IDEA what to do!!!

  8. Glad she’s ok!

  9. Now that’s scary! Glad you caught her in time!

  10. Ha! The things that interest the little ones!

  11. That is so not a parenting fail it is all just parenting LOL you are a great Mom! Sometimes I feel like my baby proofing does more harm than good and just scares me. Right now we have to use gates in the living room as there are 5 book cases in there that are not tethered to the wall and that is way too much fun for a little boy who climbed months before he walked! I have yet to figure out the licking thing. I hope she does not turn into a head butter or biter. It drives me nuts that he head butts a table and the other day the fire place I am not sure how some Moms are even still alive as my heart is taking a beating right now.

  12. YIKES! I am so not ready for Sam to become mobile — neither is our house.

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