Peanut’s Christmas card and some to do’s

Before I share our Christmas card photos, I wanted to talk to you guys about daycare.

I am sure that there are many of you out there that have a ton of mommy friends or are so on top of things that you’ll probably roll your eyes at my post.  Go ahead, I won’t blame ya.

On the flip side, I didn’t know this so I am going to share with you some to do’s with daycare:

  • Bring cupcakes on your kid’s birthday.  One of the daycare teachers babysits Peanut when Jon and I go out since our families don’t live close.  Aside from the awesomeness of having someone who knows our kid and routines around, she’s great for some insight.  For example, she shared with us how she was sad when she couldn’t be there for one of the kid’s birthdays because she missed the cupcakes.  Cupcakes, people!  Did you know that you are supposed to bring cupcakes on your kid’s birthday to daycare? I did not.  I also wonder if they would mind if these were purchased from a store.
  • Bring a Christmas card to daycare, not just to your daycare teacher/babysitter.  Jon and I gave the lady that watches P a card, thinking we were way ahead by even doing that (I’m not kidding when I tell you that I am clueless).  Big no-no as we found out when the Director at our place asked said daycare teacher where the one for daycare was.  Thankfully, our daycare teacher told me and I brought one in the following day.  Crisis averted.
That’s about all the things we know.
Got any daycare etiquette advice?
And now, without further delay, here is our Christmas card!


  1. My daycare teacher looked at me like I was crazy when we brought our card in. And it’s back in our bin. Weird.

  2. I think it’s ridiculous that the daycare director asked where the card was. No one can dictate to whom you give cards! It’s up to you!

    As for the cupcakes, most places would PREFER store bought. I say this as someone who has worked in many classrooms, both in regular schools and daycares. Not that your kitchen is dirty, but you never know what the conditions are like in someone else’s house. In fact, a lot of schools are moving/have moved to a “No Home Made Treats” policy for this reason.

  3. Oh my God. The CUTEST thing I have ever seen in my life!!!!!!

  4. L-O-V-E your Christmas card!!!

  5. I LOVE your card!! I just did a card carousel link up with ours recently. It was so awesome seeing everyone elses cards. Where did you get yours done?

  6. love the picture and card!

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE! You did a great job!! Love the lighting.

  8. I love your Christmas card! It came out amazing. Thanks for the tips on daycare. I was unsure if we are supposed to give the teachers gifts, I wasn’t even thinking about cards!

  9. I work at a daycare and we require all food brought in is store bought. I guess it has to do with our food service license, but it makes sense because you never know how clean the kitchen was that it was made in.;

  10. Adorable card, Kat!! I saw that idea on Pinterest…. is that where you got it? I love the baby wrapped in the Christmas lights. Too cute!!

  11. I love hearing daycare tips like that! I need to know more secrets about daycare! I thought about getting the teachers that have watched Sadie over the year a little $5 Starbucks giftcard, but have no idea if that is ok! Would I need to get one for ALL the teachers?! Ahh, the stress!

  12. We’ve been in our daycare for 4 yrs now and we’re still confused about gift giving! For birthdays, we bring in store-bought mini cupcakes (center requires an ingredient label to confirm it’s nut-free). For Christmas I generally give my kids’ primary caregiver a $25 gift card and all the other main teachers in the room a smaller gift card. We have a lot of floating teachers right now and I don’t think I’m doing anything for them – I don’t even know their names! That’s where my confusion comes in. I think a lot of people also give the director(s) gifts, but I don’t. I figure their salary is much more than the teachers and they’re generally doing paperwork, not directly caring for my kids. Maybe I’ll bring in a tray of cookies for everyone else.

  13. I agree, some kind of treat for your kids birthday is great. Makes them feel special. I was so sad my first year teaching because not one parent sent a birthday treat to celebrate even though I welcomed them in the room.

    The card thing is just funny! I think it’s appropriate to give your child’s teacher a card. I can’t believe the director asked that it be left for the daycare! That shouldn’t be up to them. That is your choice as the parent. I don’t think that was in the daycare agreement.

  14. 1. That card is precious. Such a sweet baby girl.
    2. We HAVE to purchase birthday treats at our daycare… no homemade treats allowed, which is super :( for me because I LOVE to bake.
    3. I never even thought about cards for daycare. Crap. I guess I will be bringing cards for both his classroom & the daycare. I should probably bring his teachers gifts, huh??

  15. Wow two things about daycare. I was planning on giving our daycare a card because they hang them on the door in the main lobby but cupcakes at such a young age I would never have thought of. Thanks for clearing things up for us :)

  16. I had no idea about any of that daycare stuff. Sounds demanding. I love the Christmas card!

  17. Love the card! Have to say I do not miss the dilemma of what gifts at daycare as I stay at home but still there is part of me that would love to do some home made gift and have tons of people to bring them too!

  18. Love your card! Can’t wait to do something like that next year :)

  19. I was hoping if I went back a few post I would find the one you used for the card! So cute! I love it!

  20. Of all the blogs I read and have seen Christmas cards of, this picture is the cutest! I love that she’s all happy being tangled up in the lights!

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