The King Christmas recap

This year was (obviously) very different from the previous years.  In addition to our first Christmas with a baby, we decided to also start our own tradition and stay home to open presents on Christmas morning.  But we also wanted to spend as much time as possible with Jon’s family so this was a very busy Christmas to say the least.

On Christmas eve I ran over to do a quick shoot with a family, then edited the photos while Jon played with the baby.  Then, we swapped  and I took the baby while Jon packed up and went over to his grandma’s house in Massachusetts for the annual Christmas eve party.

Christmas morning Jon and I woke up super early.  Usually we get up around 6:30am and get things together before the baby wakes up around 7, but this morning we were both way too giddy about our first Christmas together.  I woke up around 5 and tossed and turned. By 5:30 I noticed that Jon was also tossing and turning so I asked him if he wanted to just get up.  Thankfully he did!

I don’t know if you guys know that about me, but I get very excited about Christmas.  It’s pretty much my favorite day in the whole year and I get really giddy and anxious the night before and in the morning.  Which means that I barely ever sleep and then wake up super early and run around the house until everyone else wakes up.  This posed a real problem with Jon’s family since his brother, Michael, likes to sleep in.  I’m pretty sure that our first Christmas together he wanted to kill me when I ran around and woke him up by 6am, rushing everyone into the kitchen to get their coffees so I could open my presents.

This year was only different in that I was anxious and excited about Peanut’s reaction to her first Christmas.  Back to my original post.

Peanut must have gotten my Christmas gene because she also woke up earlier than usual and had her bottle in our bed while Jon and i finished getting ready for the day (we showered and got dressed before she woke up).  by 7 we were all ready to open some presents!  let me tell you, Peanut LOVED IT!  She exclaimed with every gift she opened and wanted to play with every one of them.  But by 8 all the presents were opened and Peanut was exhausted!  We took advantage of it and got in the car to go to Christmas #2.

More on that later.


  1. I woke up at 6 and thought Mike was going to kill me, so I had to go read a book in the living room until he finally got up. I should have come and hung out with you guys.

  2. Glad she enjoyed her first Christmas. I was always a late riser for Christmas. Often my parents would be up and have made their coffee before I rolled out of bed around 9.

  3. How great that she was old enough to “get” it!

  4. I am the same as you!! Up early and love presents!

  5. Growing up Christmas Eve was the main event. So I was all confused with I started dating TNT cause Christmas Day is the main event in their house. This year since we stayed home TNT & I opened gifts Christmas Eve which I really liked. We had steak & crab legs for supper then headed downstairs to open gifts. Molly & Tails made out huge with their gifts. Molly would have one item in her mouth then look down and see her other toy. She just didn’t know what to play with until she spotted Tails’ toys and she wanted all of his toys. Furry or human kids are all the same!! lol

    I need to do a Christmas post, but I’m feeling in the bloggy mood.

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