Week in review

Every year around this time the holidays just kind of sneak up on me.

Here I am, going from day to day, enjoying the Fall when BAM it’s Thanksgiving.  Followed almost immediately and without a break by Christmas, New Years, Russian Christmas, Jon’s birthday and, this year, Peanut’s birthday.

In October it feels like I have a never-ending amount of time to get everything I need together, so I procrastinate.  I procrastinate on putting together a gift list, looking up good sales, and even calling in a place for P’s first birthday party.   I keep telling myself that I have months and months before I need to get it all together.

Well, guess what?  It’s December and we have no Christmas cards, the birthday invitations aren’t mailed yet, I purchased a total of 1 gift for Christmas, and am no where even close to feeling like I have it all together for this holiday season.

On top of it all life in the King household is busier than ever – this week Jon was on the road almost every single day while I had a conference in NYC on Wednesday.  And Peanut?  Well, Peanut is so close to walking that I just sit there and hold my breath each time that she lets go of my hand and stands on her own – giggling the entire time.

Here’s a quick look at our week.


Dressed for the conference


Stuck in traffic in NYC - at least Staples has a sense of humor


Back at home - Peanut's fashion diaries

Did I mention that she's almost walking?


Love this - saw it at a local coffee shop


Hi, Grandma? Can I have a pony for Christmas?


On Saturday we went to get our Christmas tree.  About 5 years ago Jon and I stumbled on to a Christmas Tree Farm a town over from us and we’ve been going there ever since (with the exception of the year that Jon broke his neck and we got our tree from Home Depot).  This year was super special because we had a new addition to our family outing.


On our way to get the tree


We all have our roles. Peanut's is to look super cute.


Chilling in the car after some hot cocoa (for mom) while Jon ties up the tree


Isn't Christmas so romantic?


Sunday we decided to go out to breakfast at our favorite spot and then finished decorating and putting up the outside lights.


Ends up that we’re pretty much the only house on our (super busy) street that puts up Christmas lights.  I guess we’ll have to walk over to the neighborhood nearby to check out their decorations.


Out to breakfast


Supervising dad's efforts


What a guy


How was your week and weekend?


  1. You are one hot mama! Great outfit!

  2. You’ve gotten so tiny!!! We did decorations, too, are holding our breaths on crawling, and survived a gas leak. All in all, pretty good.

  3. What I took from this post: You need to invite us to coffee break next time you go. We’ve gone like every saturday for the past two months. We should go together.

  4. Your tree looks great!!! The Christmas Tree farm that use to be in our area closed down. I’ve thought about growing a few trees just for our use, but the one we like is a Douglas and they don’t grow well in our area. Oh well.

    You look so pretty!!!! And the pic of Peanut and Travis I LOVE!

  5. You look amazing, the tree is awesome and I love that sign! Esp since I am an independent stylist and appreciate all of the biz I can get! Such a fun post!

  6. such a great “week in review”! Um… you look super hot dressed up to go to the conference! And Peanut just gets cuter by the day =)

  7. I love Peanuts cute little boots those are precious! I love decorating for Christmas so much fun!


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