Wordless Wednesday

The Christmas card outtakes.


Note: no children were hurt in the making of this Christmas card.


  1. The outtakes are usually my favorites!!! I love the ones where she has the lights in her mouth and her little mouth is all lit up! Love these!!

  2. These are great! She is so precious!

  3. Your outtakes are still good pictures! lol. We had the same issue with trying to distract Parker from eating the lights.

  4. I heart Peanut. As you know :) That is all!

  5. Cute!!

  6. Soooo cute! :)

  7. I love how looks like she loves getting her picture taken. :)

  8. These are all SO cute!!!

  9. I would have a hard time calling these outtakes. I have a feeling I would be calling one of them ‘it’ – they are too adorable!

  10. These are so beautiful. I love the way her face is lit up by the lights in some of them.

  11. Awwww!!!!! Adorable!!!

  12. Love them. I agree none seem like out takes they are all great! :)

  13. The sweetest pics ever!! That darn hat is SO cute…the baby is even cuter : )

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