Wordless Xmas post


More posts, some that will actually include some words, to follow.


  1. She looks like she enjoyed every minute of it. Merry Christmas to your family!

  2. So cute!!!

  3. What is she playing with in the last two pictures? It looks fun! She’s so cute!

  4. So cute!! Looks like you, and especially Addison had a great day! Love the cricut gift tags… I did them too this year and only one person noticed!!

  5. Looks like Peanut made out like a bandit! =)

  6. I don’t know who looks happier Peanut or Travis. Fun pictures.

  7. I love her chair! We thought about getting one of those, but we think ours will just use it as a launch point for jumping, so we decided to not get it. :)

  8. oh my she is so darn cute and you captured her Christmas so well!!

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