2011 – an end of year review

2011 was one of the best years as we welcomed our baby girl, but also brought with it some pain as we lost our puppy.  Here’s a quick recap.

I was due mid January, so of course we had the worst snow storms at the end of my pregnancy.

At the end of January (a week after my due date came and went), Peanut joined the world!  Catch up on her birth story.

Jon and I had a lot of adjusting to do with a new baby, but eventually we did get the hang of it.

We had our first Valentine’s day with a baby and celebrated Peanut‘s 1 month.

We settled into a routine, which went out the window right after I posted about it.

We took our first trip away from home with a baby and learned a thing or two (like just how long it takes to even get out of the door).

When Peanut was just 2 months old, I made a trip to Boston to let her hang out with her future husband, all by myself!

And we learned just how hard things can be with a sick infant.

At the end of it all, I even got to go out with my girl friends for the first time since the baby’s birth.

As we began to learn a little more about the baby, I decided to share some of that knowledge with you, like the stuff we used from our gift registry – part 1 and part 2.

In April, Peanut was Baptized and I enjoyed my last week of maternity leave.

As hard as it was, I went back to work and then realized that I actually kinda loved it!

Peanut got to celebrate her first Easter.

Our little family took a trip to Boston to celebrate Addi’s future husband’s first birthday (I can’t believe that our own little bugget is going to be 1 in less than a month).

In May I celebrated my first Mother’s day and I shared some nursing truths and wisdom with you in this post and this post and this post.

At 4 months, we introduced Peanut to solids.

And then we started the Ferber sleep training, which resulted in all of us sleeping through the night (to this day!).

I shared a day in our lives with a 4.5 month old and soon after that, Peanut sat up on her own for the very first time.

Jon and I did our first video blog to share with you the difference in American and Russian animal sounds.

After a couple of ear infections and more than a handful of colds, I thought I’d share with you some of the baby essentials for your medicine cabinet.

As Peanut continued to eat some solids, I got into making baby food like apples and pears, and storing it in bulk.

With solid food also came some solid poop.

In July I celebrated my 21st 25th ah forget it, I’m not telling birthday and then Jon and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary.

As Peanut got older, her and our favorites changed a bit, so here are some posts about the 3 to 6 month favs: baby gear, toys, and daycare needs.

I also posted about how much our lives have changed with a baby.

Then, in August, we survived Hurricane Irene and learned a life without power for almost a week!

In September Peanut turned into an opinionated little nugget and got to hang out with her future hubby while we enjoyed a weekend with our friends.

As I continued nursing, I shared some success tips with you, some pumping tips for working mothers, as well as some of my favorite products.

I struggled with the ups and downs of being at work while someone else took care of my kid, then I took a trip across the country and left my little nugget at home.

Peanut started moving around, so Jon and I started baby proofing.

And shared our thoughts on parenting.

In November Peanut turned 9 months, so I shared some of our knowledge with a schedule of our 9 month old, 6 to 9 month favorite baby things, and baby food.

After 10 full months, I started weaning myself from breastfeeding and pumping, while Peanut continued to enjoyed the frozen stash.  I found the whole experience to be rather emotional.

Peanut also graduated to the toddler car seat, which took us 3 days to install.

To add to that little lesson in parenting, I caught my kid licking an outlet.

On a positive note, Peanut got to enjoy her very first Christmas.

How was your year?