Peanut’s 12 month post

Le sigh.  I don’t even know where to begin.

12 months ago, to date, you were born.

A tiny little Peanut – you were barely over 6 pounds.  Today, a year later, you’re still a tiny little Peanut.  I guess we knew what we were talking about when we gave you that nickname. (Better get used to it, little nugget, mom and dad are always right).

I won’t bore you with the grueling details of my labor, but I will say that 7:45am on this day a year ago our lives changed forever.

To say that this year flew by would be an understatement.  Here’s a recap of our 12th month together.

  • The biggest change of all is that you’re toddling.  You started the month of taking a couple of steps here and there when playing with us, but by now you’re walking across the room with your hands up in the air.  Crawling is still your preferred mode of getting from point A to point B.  I guess it’s just safer and easier that way.
  • On that note, you’re one of the fastest crawlers.
  • You celebrated your first Christmas!  I’d love to say that you absolutely loved it, but I think it mostly just tired you out.
  • You’re switched to taking just 1 nap at daycare, but you’re still taking 2 long naps at home.  I guess we’re way more boring that the awesomeness that is your daycare.
  • In addition to your naps, you’re still an amazing sleeper – snoozing through almost 12 hours a night!  You are almost always fast asleep by 7:30pm and wake up around 7am.
  • We haven’t taken away the pacifier and I don’t think that we will yet.  You’re only using it to fall asleep at nap time and bed time, but you sure do like to try and sneak it out of your crib during the day.
  • Your vocabulary is starting to expand – you say “Daaaah-dy”, “mama”, “Travis”,  and a couple of others that I’m still trying to figure out.
  • You’re starting to have an opinion of your hair.  Before today I was able to do whatever I wanted – now you’re always pulling things out or trying to escape me while I’m trying to pull your hair up for you.
  • Alongside walking, you’re becoming a lot more independent.  Last month I would be happy to see you play for yourself for a minute or two, and now you’re able to spent 10-20 minutes just playing on your own.  You’re amazing.

Today is your first birthday, my love.  I hope that it is everything you imagined it would be.