Peanut’s Party details – the outfit

As you all know, I made Peanut a skirt to wear at her first birthday party.  But somehow the outfit just wasn’t complete…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for Peanut showing off her little pot belly at the party, but seeing as how it’s about 10 degrees here and all, I just think she needs a little more coverage.

Thankfully, I have made absolutely amazing friends on the internet.  Cue my super awesome and very talented friend Jennifer.  A couple of days ago we received the most adorable shirt for Peanut to wear on her first birthday!

Honestly, is this not the cutest thing in the world?

Now her outfit is complete!

The party is tomorrow!



  1. She is going to be so cute and I love the fact that you have a pig as the model! ;) Have such a fun time!

  2. OMG I LOVE it!!! I cannot wait to see your little peanut in it :)

  3. Precious!!!

  4. Love it! It is like Miss Piggy only a 100 times cuter. Cannot wait to see her in it.

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