Scavenger Hunt Sunday

It’s Sunday, my internet friends.  Happy Sunday!

This weekend really flew by – we didn’t have a whole lot of plans, but our house is a complete mess and really needed some tending to.  Which is pretty much what we did.  Well, that and play with the baby.

And take photos.  Because we all know that’s a given for me.  Here are my entries for Scavenger Hunt Sunday.


Oh how I love our little Peanut and her smile.  I swear she hams it up every time she sees the camera.


Stand alone:

This one is from this summer.  Jon and I were absolutely terrified to let Peanut sit on the stone wall by herself, but I was dying to get some shots.  Don’t worry – Jon was inches away (in fact, I had to crop him out of almost all of the photos).


Rusty or something old:

Both rusty and old, our wood stove has been in this house for years.  I hate it and love it all at once.  Love it because it can heat the house in seconds, but hate it because it’s a hazard.  And it takes up way too much room.



This photo is from almost two years ago, but I love these little cupcakes that my friend Kerry made for another friend’s baby shower.  The little accessories are artificial, but the cupcakes definitely were not.


Repeating pattern:

I love the pattern of our red pillows.


How was your weekend?