Scavenger Hunt Sunday

It’s Sunday, my internet friends.  Happy Sunday!

This weekend really flew by – we didn’t have a whole lot of plans, but our house is a complete mess and really needed some tending to.  Which is pretty much what we did.  Well, that and play with the baby.

And take photos.  Because we all know that’s a given for me.  Here are my entries for Scavenger Hunt Sunday.


Oh how I love our little Peanut and her smile.  I swear she hams it up every time she sees the camera.


Stand alone:

This one is from this summer.  Jon and I were absolutely terrified to let Peanut sit on the stone wall by herself, but I was dying to get some shots.  Don’t worry – Jon was inches away (in fact, I had to crop him out of almost all of the photos).


Rusty or something old:

Both rusty and old, our wood stove has been in this house for years.  I hate it and love it all at once.  Love it because it can heat the house in seconds, but hate it because it’s a hazard.  And it takes up way too much room.



This photo is from almost two years ago, but I love these little cupcakes that my friend Kerry made for another friend’s baby shower.  The little accessories are artificial, but the cupcakes definitely were not.


Repeating pattern:

I love the pattern of our red pillows.


How was your weekend?


  1. Love your site, and your sweet little peanut’s smile.

  2. Your smile picture is so cute! I also like the focus in your artificial shot.

  3. Her smile definitely warms anything up!

  4. That first pic is simply adorable!!

  5. Oh.My.Word that gummy smile is just precious! Those wood burning stoves are great. My parents neighbors still have one and it can heat their house quick and I love the smell:)

  6. Smile is way too adorable – love that.

  7. ooh that smile is priceless – she is so adorable!

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