Our days in paradise

Hi there!  Do you guys miss us?  I miss you.

Unfortunately (for my blog and blog reading), my friend Janice introduced me and supplied me with The Hunger Games trilogy.  Which basically means that any time that I am not watching Peanut or hanging out with the fam, I’m reading.  Yes, I am addicted.  On the plus side, I only have about 200 pages left in the whole trilogy.  And 2 more days of vacation.  Let ‘s see which one ends first.

Our vacation has been going great!  We’ve had the best time playing on the beach, laying out by the pool, and spending time with family.

We spent the first few days in Ft. Myers by the water, enjoying morning walks on the sandy beach every single day.

We ate most of our meals out on the linai, watching the beautiful blue sky.

Peanut decided that she no longer wanted anyone to help her eat her yogurt, which meant that we dunked her in the tub after almost every single meal.  Since we were all on vacation, we didn’t mind.

This trip brought a lot of firsts for Peanut – first time in the pool, first time in the sand, first time picking shells, first time in the ocean (we went to the beach once when Peanut was about 5 months old, but she pretty much just sat on a blanket under an umbrella).

Peanut loved almost every single moment of it, especially picking shells and playing in the sand.

Since it was Peanut’s first time in a resort, we spent some time learning how to jump on the bed.

Peanut couldn’t get enough of the warm water and all the fun stuff to touch and pick up in the sand.

Another first for Peanut – ice cream!  She’s had it one other time here since and she can’t get enough!

One of the best parts about the trip is that Peanut gets to spend some time with her family – our shy little nugget with pretty severe stranger anxiety did great!  She brought and shared her toys and even let grandpa hold her!  We’re all crossing our fingers that she’s growing out of this stage of her life.

After moving camp to Bonita Springs, Jon’s dad and step mom gifted us an evening out, staying with Peanut while Jon and I had the most amazing dinner.

The restaurant we went out to, Roy’s, was pretty much the best dinner out that I’ve ever had.

I think this place deserves a post all on its own, but if you’re ever in the area (and want to enjoy a super nice – read pricy meal out), check out Roy’s and order yourself a Surf and Turf.

While out in Bonita Springs, we’ve enjoyed checking out the local attractions – the Naples Zoo, the Lakes Regional Park, Everglade Wonder Gardens.

The weather has yet to disappoint us and while P napped, Jon and I took long walks through the beautiful scenaries.

Since we’re all on vacation (I swear my husband says this at least 15 times a day), we have been enjoying eating our meals out (well, some of them anyways).   Peanut has been an amazing companion, sitting nicely, drinking from cups with straws.  She’s only good for about an hour while we’re out, but it’s enough to let us enjoy a meal.

Back at the condos, Peanut took a liking to the pool, as long as she was safely in her swimming toy that her great-grandma found.

Last night we all went out to dinner to hang out with Jon’s extended family who are also vacationing out here this week.  One of Jon’s cousins is pregnant with their first baby girl and we bored the rest of them with talks of baby gear and our views on various baby books.

We have a couple more days of vacation left – any recommendations for what we should check out?  At this point I’d be happy just sitting my butt in the sand, watching the waves.


(not really a) Wordless Wednesday post

It’s been a little while since I’ve done one of these posts (ok, I’m already failing at the “wordless” part) – so here are some shots from our flight to Florida and our first day here!

Up at 3.30am and ready to hit the road by 4:30!

ps- that mirror distorts our faces, which is actually kind of funny.

Our little nugget, awake before her usual time but doing great.

The 3 of us on the plane, enjoying a snack.

There was an empty seat, so we installed our car seat and Peanut loved it.

She did so great! (details to come).

Waiting for daddy to get our luggage and enjoying the warm weather at the car rental lot.

Peanut, enjoying a walk along the water.

She loved walking around in the sand.

Ok, so one of her pantlegs is tucked in – it’s the cool thing to do.

Watching the sun set form the balcony,

while we enjoy dinner.