February guest post – Living Our Love Song

In an attempt to continue to provide you guys with something interesting to read (and not get bored with the same stuff I put up here), I’m continuing the guest blog spotlights.  Check out Jessica’s from Living Our Love Song.


Hi! My name is Jessica from Living Our Love Song. I love Kat’s blog! So when she asked me to guest post I was very happy to do so.
Little bits of me.
Who am I?
Daughter to my wonderful parents who ran away and wed in high school and despite what people said are still happily married. Sibling of two older sisters and a younger brother. Aunt to six beautiful kids with a seventh due in May! Wife to my high school sweetheart. We began dating when I was just fourteen, on September 14, 2001. He asked me to marry him September 13th, 2008. And we were married June 20, 2009. Mommy. On September 14, 2011, our ten year dating anniversary, we welcomed our little girl into our life. Addison Mae, a tiny 5lb 7oz beauty. Thinking I would be induced, she surprised us all when my water broke six days before her due date. You can read about her birth story, and how we were pulled over on the way to the hospital here!
Being a Mommy

Addison, as sweet as she is, has never been an ‘easy’ baby. My beautiful little one n.e.v.e.r slept at night. I was up for two weeks straight when she was born. She did not take well to nursing. And after struggling for a month, we had to switch over to formula. It was very hard on me. I felt incredibly guilty. I cried. A lot. My wonderful ob/gyn finally helped me through it and I realized it wasn’t the end of the world. We’re okay now, she’s thriving and that’s all that matters. She was also a colic baby. Screaming was fairly normal in our household, especially at night. Patience. A word I thought I knew had been taken to a new level. Having zero sleep and a screaming baby who you could not calm down was very difficult. At four months, she is a much happier baby. No more colic. She still doesn’t sleep through the night but I think she’s getting there… or so I hope :)
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Now that I’ve told you all how hard it was/still is at times. I have to tell you about how rewarding it is. I have never, ever, felt a love like this. I know all mommies say it but seriously you cannot imagine how big your heart grows until you have a child. Her birth was simply beautiful, I would experience it over and over again just to get to the point where I saw her for the first time and they laid her on me. Just to have that unforgettable moment where hubby and I cried tears of joy together. Her first smiles brought tears to my eyes. She amazes me every single day.
I love watching her grow and learn new things. Though at the same time she is growing way to fast. I tell myself to cherish every moment- even at 3am when she’s snuggled up to me after having her bottle. As tired as I am it’s still hard to put her back in bed.
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In the 8th grade I began scrap-booking, I was addicted, so every Christmas after I asked for a new camera- better and faster. I was also intrigued by editing photos, no photo went unedited. In 2010 I purchased a bridge camera (a camera between a point and shoot and a dslr). I began using manual on that camera and realized I wanted and needed more options. Within two months I sold that camera and bought a dslr, Nikon D3100. It wasn’t long before I had friends asking me to do their children and family photos. My little photography business took off much faster than I ever expected. I love every aspect of it. The planning, the sessions, the post processing. It’s all very exciting to me. I am thrilled with how far I have come already, though I still have so much more to learn to get to where I want to be.
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Some quick photography tips…
1. Practice (I can’t repeat that a million times on here so just know that it is probably the most important-in my eyes). If I don’t have a session one week I will use Addison as my client:) The girl has to have a zillion photos already! Or any object I come across that looks photo worthy!
2. Read. read up on blogs, photography sites, books, etc. Every time I get online I learn something new!
3. Learn how to find the best light. Outdoors during mid-day look for overhangs or hide out under trees. You do not want shadows on faces or sun in the eyes. Or I will put my clients backs to the sun a use a reflector. Indoors be near a window that lets in lots of light!
4. Manual. (goes along with practicing). you have to know manual to get the best photos out of your camera.
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5. Focus. Never do I let my camera chose what to focus on anymore. I’ve learned my lesson when I upload my photos and people are out of focus and the background is in focus. Picking your focal point does wonders.
6. Challenge yourself. Look outside the box. Don’t be afraid to try a new angle. It may end up being your favorite photo.
7. Do whatever it takes to capture a child’s smile. Bribing, running around after them, making silly noises, singing (yes I have sang for little one year old’s and it worked), telling jokes, or in this case playing peek-a-boo!

Come visit my blog if you’d like!

And thank you Kat for letting me guest post!